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      A place for quotes you’d like to share, that you do not feel belong to other threads…
      All flavours of essences welcome, just try to keep them short and relevant, so to speak :)

      “Many essences participate in each book. Essences may be participating in many books simultaneously. Essences may incorporate several books with many of the same participating essences, and may incorporate some books with different essences.

      “If an essence is participating in chapter focuses of any particular book, they shall be participating in manifesting focuses in ALL of the chapters. Therefore, as example, if you are participating in this particular chapter of this particular book, you also are participating in all of the other chapters of that particular book.

      “Now; this is not to say that every individual manifest within this time framework is participating in this particular book.” [Elias, #795, March 11, 2001]

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