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Irina started to smell foul play when she arrived at the coordinates indicated in the last of the laconic messages sent to her by the Management.

“Are you sure you got the coordinates right Mr R?”
“Very much so Madam, but if you will allow me, I will double check to alleviate the hint of doubt I perceive in your most suave voice.”
“Yes, do that please.”

When becoming anxious, Irina tended to get prone to bossiness, and didn’t like what she heard in her voice.

“I adore this door.”
Yes, that was much better with suave undertones, with a hint of foreign raspy accent to spice it up.

In truth, the door was plain, wooden, with a number painted on it, half erased, and a series of symbols which, although she could not place them, raised a distant alarm in her mind.
“Rainbow magic?…” That was how they renamed the lore of black magic when it was privatized and re-marketed to the masses. She had not seen rainbow magic in ages, and there was no way that door would lead to an actual island without moving her out of this time and space.

“Bloody buggers. Should have read those cryptic fine prints more carefully.”

She realized there was a good chance her promised island was in a godforsaken place lost in time. She could count herself lucky if the deserted island was not in the palaeolithic and raided by dangerous dinosaurs…

There was little choice. Either boldly embrace the great unknown behind the door, and trust her luck, or stay behind, short of the island of her dreams and probably condemned to run from the Management’s evil plans anyway.
At least, with option one, the lottery could be favourable.
That was what you got for dabbling in sketchy and questionable shots.

“Mr R, are you ready?”
“Always, Madam.”

She felt lucky and pressed the door.