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        In this first comment I will try and collate the information from our discussions. It will be quite rough and may not be accurate as we were just brainstorming.

        You might like to use it as a resource to start comments for each character.

        FP: how not to be detached, as opposed to detaching
        EP : Importance, tradition, transmission, life and death
        TP : playful spontaneity
        JP : I need to explore a strong base, something you can count on in your life and that will nourrish and support you

        Starting point : a family member has gone missing / disappearance / mysterious inheritance
        Someone turns up with a letter about mysterious inheritance?
        That someone is in cold terms with the family and has been for years.
        Strong possibility of a ghost. male. tied up with the inheritance mystery. Ghost is either assisting or hindering the search for the mysterious inheritance.
        Location : Australia small town. Possibly called Crowshollow. Mining town
        Family run a Bed and Breakfast called the Flying Fish Inn. There is room for 5 guests at any one time but it is never full. The family are short of money. Tendency in the family to develop unconventional powers, possibly witchy stuff.

        MacGuffin (is this the family surname??) Oh no wait, on further study I see it is a reference to the inheritance. It could be the family surname though. they need one.
        A man is riding on a train when a second gentleman gets on and sits down across from him. The first man notices the second is holding an oddly shaped package.
        “What is that?” the first man asks.
        “A MacGuffin, a tool used to hunt lions in the Scottish highlands.”
        “But there are no lions in the Scottish highlands,” says the first man.
        “Well then,” says the other, “That’s no MacGuffin”.

        Family members : boy twins from jib, a girl from Eric, a matriach granny, twin girls 17, aunt Idle, father ? mother ?ghost?

        mother and father have both gone missing at some stage?. Mother is called Absinthia apparently.

        Tracy: The female twins are called Clove and Corrie. twins born in 2000 for easy reference, so if its concurent timeframe they are 14. Clove is frustrated with ghost town life, and is uncooperative and moody, has violent bursts of anger, but can be very focused when something attracts her interest. Does not take kindly to criticism.

        Corrie on the other hand is the one who will acqueisce to keep the peace, which doesnt always do herself a favour, she often agrees to things just to be pleasing and then regrets it.
        They are interested in boys, although it may be an online crush or an infatuation with a character not present. I bet they do all kind of mischiefs to elude the chaperoning of the not-so-cleveraunt.
        Clove resent the parents absence, Corrie tried to buffer that resentment but is filled with curiosity about them

        Eric: (Prune??) the young girl is bored, because her parents were always arguing, and she’s so smart nobody ever gets her, and she felt abandoned by her careless mother the most, so she builds that facade of carelessness. Prune is bored by the inheritance but interested by the tramp.

        Tracy: Aunt Idle. Paternal Aunt. Aunt never married but many relationships
        born 1970. she is very tall and thin and is prematurely grey which she wears in dreadlocks


          The Flying Fish Inn was passsed down to Abcynthia (the childrens mother) from her father, who had a boarding house during the gold rush. He died just after the mine closed and Abcynthia closed the place up and moved to the city where she went to university and met her husband Fred (name to be arranged later).

          Fred was a journalist who aspired to write a science fiction novel. He convinced his wife to give up her career as a corporate lawyer, and raise a family at the old inn in the outback, while he write his novel and earned a rudimentary income from writing articles online, enough to live on. Just after their 4th child was born, Abcynthia had had enough, and left the family to pursue her career in the city.

          Fred’s sister Aunt idle was at a loose end at the time, needing to keep a low profile and “disappear” for reasons to be discovered, and agreed to come and help Fred with the children. Fred’s cranky mother had already been living with them for a few years but was not up to the responsibility of the four children while Fred was busy writing.

          A few months after Abcynthia’s disappearance, some unexplained incidents occurred in the area around the ghost town and the defunct mines ~ possibly connected to the sci fi novel Fred was writing in some way ~ which Fred wrote articles about, which went viral in the popular imagination and thirst for weird tales, and visitors started coming to the town.

          Aunt Ilde started to informally put them up in rooms, and enjoyed the unexpected company of these strangers which relieved her increasing boredom, then as the visitors increased (not so very many, but two or three a week perhaps) decided to officially reopen the boarding house and a B and B.

          Fred, though, must have had some kind of a meltdown because he left a cryptic note saying he’d be back, and to carry on without him for the foreseeable future. Nobody really knew why, or where he had gone.


            Bert knows a thing or two about the past, the town and the family, but he says very little about it other than offering cryptic one liners and knowing looks.

            He was a miner when the mines were open (and he could tell you a few things about the goings on), and never left the place, managing to scrape by on kangaroo and cassowary meat and doing odd jobs, sometimes finding a gold nugget and selling it on ebay. He has a soft spot for the children, especially the rude and contrary Prune.

            Does he have a strange sense of responsibility to Abcynthia? He hangs around the inn, unofficially making himself useful with odd jobs, and lives in a shed out the back.


              Fred poses as a teenager on Flitter social network and makes friends with his daughter Clove. Fred’s motivation was to keep abreast of the family news without eliciting any questions about his own whereabouts, and his intention was to remain a casual acquaintance merely, but Clove has developed a strong attachment to this “girl” and shares all her troubles and secrets with “her”. Fred struggles to remain neutral, and respond in the character of a teenage girl, but is emotionally unable to break the connection. Thoughts of his real identity becoming know to her appall him.


                To look at the grizzled weathered face of Bert Buxton, sex might be the furthest thing from your mind. You would be unlikely to imagine him as a participant in outrageous kinky goings on in the back rooms and bedrooms of the local hostelries, or wild midnight romps under the stars, but things had been different in Bonemarsh when the mines were busy, when he was a virile young man.

                The miners were a strange breed of men, but not all cut from the same cloth ~ they were daring outsiders, game for anything, adventurous rule breakers and outlaws with a penchant for extreme experience. Thus, outlandish and adventurous women ~ and men who were not interested in mining for gold in the usual sense ~ were magnetically drawn to the isolated outpost.

                After a long dark day of restriction and confinement in the mines, the evenings were a time of colour and wild abandon; bright, garish, bizarre Burlesque events were popular. Bonemarsh, strange though it may seem, had one of the most extensive wig and corset emporiums in the country, although it was discretely tucked away in the barn behind a mundane haberdashery shop.


                  Most of the houses in Bonemarsh were uninhabited, in various stages of dust and decay. A number of them had been left with their interiors intact though, as if the occupants had just not come home from work one day. Exploring the empty houses was a wonderful game for the few children left in the town ~ full sized play houses, complete with full sized toys. No tiny prams or miniature tools were required to play pretend with, as they had the real things at their disposal.

                  Exploring the wardrobes and trunks under the beds had given them many strange costumes and unexplainable objects to play with. The children didn’t really wonder about all the wigs, not at the time, they were just delighted to have so many to play with. Later, in retrospect, they wondered why a mining town had quite so many wigs.


                    Of the original inhabitants of the town, few remained. There were a dozen or so old codgers, too old for change, whiling away their dry days on the state pension. A handful of young families had attempted to set up an alternative self sustainable cooperative, forming a little enclave on the outskirts of town, raising chickens, rabbits and sheep, and lots of naked unruly brats with ankle bracelets. The solar panels looked incongruously shiny and sharp against the backdrop of dust and dilapidation.


                        Unknown to the family, Bert is Abcynthia’s father. Her mother, now dead, had an affair with Bert, so when Abcynthias left the town to go to university, she thought that both her parents were dead. Some of the remaining old codgers had their suspicions, but it was a well kept secret ~ not least, because of Horace Hogg’s (Abby’s father) violent and unpredictable nature. Fred’s family, Idle and his mother, are new to the town, coming only because Fred married Abcynthia (from now on known for short as Abby because it’s a fucker to spell)
                        Abby’s mother, Hannah Hogg, died in somewhat suspicious circumstances shortly before the mines closed.


                          Copy of the family tree


                            Was trying to get a basic timeline in place for future reference:

                            • (1935) Birth of Mater
                            • (1958) Mater marries her childhood sweetheart (ref)
                            • (1965) Birth of Fred
                            • (1970) Birth of Aunt Idle
                            • (1978) April 12th, Mater’s husband dies
                            • (1998) Birth of Devan
                            • (2000) Birth of the twins Coriander & Clove
                            • (2008) Birth of Prune
                            • (2014) Start of Prune’s journal about the Inn (she’s 6 at the time – ref)
                            • (2017) visit of Arona, Albie, Maeve, Hilda, Sanso etc. to the Inn
                            • (2020) The year of the Great Fires (ref). Mater is 85. Idle is 50. The twins are 20. Prune is 12.
                            • (2027) First settlers on Mars; Prune’s left for a boarding school to pursue her dreams

                            Fast forward 15 years later

                            • (2035) Idle receives news from the twins (now aged 35) & waterlark adventures.
                              Mater is alive and kicking at 100.

                            Fast forward a little more

                            • (2049) Prune arrives with a commercial flight on Mars, having won a place through a reality show.
                              Mater is deceased. She would have been 114.
                              Little after, the Mars mission is revealed to be an elaborately constructed mass illusion, and the program is terminated via an alien invasion simulation; like the other survivors from the program, she returns to Australia but cannot reveal the details of the program.

                              I must become sentimental or something, but here are some pictures I found left on my desk.
                              Probably a gift from Finly, she can be all soft and think she’s doing me some service.
                              I must say my grand-children in particular are not too bad looking. Couldn’t find a picture of Fred though… Maybe later.

                              Clove (left) & Coriander, 2023, Flying Fish InnPrune, 2023, Flying Fish InnMater, 2023, Flying Fish InnDevan, 2023, Flying Fish InnJasper, date unknown, Flying Fish Inn

                              the flying fish, Flying Fish Inn
                              Veranda view, Flying Fish Inn
                              Veranda view, Flying Fish Inn
                              Veranda view, Flying Fish Inn
                              Dido, Idle, old photo (1980?), Flying Fish Inn
                              Dido, Idle, 2023, Flying Fish Inn
                              Dido, Idle, 2023, Flying Fish Inn


                                Some handy references for the timelines of the Flying Fish Inn are here

                                Year Date Event
                                1935 March 1, 1935 Birth of Mater
                                1958 March 13, 1958 Mater marries her childhood sweetheart
                                1965 August 17, 1965 Birth of Fred
                                1968 June 8, 1968 Birth of Abcynthia Hogg
                                1970 July 7, 1970 Birth of Aunt Idle
                                1978 April 12, 1978 Mater’s husband dies
                                1987 March 19, 1987 Mines close down – Carts & Lager Festival
                                1988 December 12, 1988 Idle gives birth to a child in Fiji (Liana)
                                1989 December 20, 1989 Horace Hogg death – Inn passes down to Abby
                                1990 May 7, 1990 Fred marries Abcynthia
                                1998 November 11, 1998 Birth of Devan
                                2000 November 11, 2000 Birth of Clove and Coriander
                                2007 March 7, 2007 Hannah Hogg’s death, the Inn passes to Abcynthia
                                2008 March 10, 2008 Carts and Lager Festival revival
                                2008 August 20, 2008 Birth of Prune
                                2009 February 2, 2009 Abcynthia leaves
                                2009 September 11, 2009 Strange incidents at the mines, Idle sets up the Inn
                                2010 May 27, 2010 Fred leaves his family, goes into hiding
                                2014 September 10, 2014 Start of Prune’s journal
                                2017 March 21, 2017 Visitors from Elsewheres
                                2020 December 22, 2020 The year of the Great Fires
                                2021 August 8, 2021 Italian tourists saved the Inn
                                2023 March 1, 2023 Orbs gamers visitors
                                2027 September 1, 2027 Prune going to a boarding school
                                2035 March 21, 2035 Mater 100 and twins on a Waterlark adventure
                                2049 March 17, 2049 Prune arrives with a commercial flight on Mars, Mater is deceased (would have been 114)
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