Birth of Nana del Conda

The voodo witch is a distant relative of Mrs Butterbutt, the iconic bartender of the town of San Demangelo. She provides her with some potions and psychotropic toads.

Elroy El Disperso wins the blue bull at a rodeo contest

A precious gift from Indian officials, it managed to slip through the greedy fingers of Ogrean, and was won by one of the El Disperso brothers on a rodeo contest.

Aldous (Ogrean) Mc Gaughran’s first trip to British Honduras

Officially, a cattle breeder, Ogrean is a local mobster of the town of San Demangelo. On a trip for mahogany trades, he discovers ancient skulls.

An exploding mummy bleeds through into Mrs Butterbutt’s saloon

Ogrean is part of the casualties of the constipation point... A funny reverberation occurs in Yann and Yurick's realities

Fainting goats blink in Marshall County

Due to a disastrous sneezing of a 23rd century scientist, Vinya Grey...

Constable Marshall O’Riley catches a boy red-handed on a thieving attempt

He hopes he'll lead him to his gang of magpies, to do some job for him...

Twilight El Disperso joins the Freak Show and travels the US

With Pat Elson, the director of the Fabulously Great Freakus having agreed on having her join the circus. She continues her writing while performing on a show...

Lord Fergusson and family in search of the legendary giant bones

Lord Gustard Willoughby Fergusson, his wife Floribunda and daughter Illi are on a trip to the deserts of Tsnit n'Agger. Sanso makes an appearance to help Illi.

Birth of Elvira

Elvira is 121 in 2034, not looking that old, probably due to excessive ingestion of a special type of mushrooms

Birth of Nora Long

Nora Long, a childless spinster, is dying. At age 88, she founds out about a collaborative story, and considers giving her wealth...

Illi Fergusson learns how to shape-shift

Under the tutelage of Dashine Ashara, in a Tuareg tribe...

Something disappears in the London Museum

An ancient Egyptian artefact disappears in a London Museum. It is supposed to be linked to an ancient mummy, and to Illi Fergusson, an archaelogist.

(Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Nine
(Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Nine

This area marks the return of the traveling portals technology, and the reappearance of dragons on the Duane. Dragons are starting to reappear The reactivation of portals make conquest more easy, and the kingdoms are once again split into many. The Orange Prince and the vassals: one of the Kingdom’s…
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Birth of Jose Maria

Jose Maria is born from Josefina.

Elvira and Boris decide to expatriate in Siberia

Drawing Elvira out of her depression, a newfound passion for mushroom harvest leads to psychotropic frozen reindeer meat smuggling...

Cillian Mc Gaughran auctions a blong wig on eBargey

A former high rank officer in the US Army, Cillian Mc Gaughran (66) is dying from grief over the loss of his wife, Fidelma who died of blood cancer...

Young Dr Chris Bronkelhampton manages to secure a pleasant life

The young and ambitious doctor of undisclosable interests manages a risqué plastic surgery operation on a kingpin that will provide for much of his future needs. He spots a blond wig for sell...

Birth of Sean Doran Wrick

Only son of Hilarion Wrick and Artemisia (born Mc Gaughran).

Birth of Margaret Keane

Third daughter of John and Martha Keane, she is to become a famous biologist and the wife of Sean Doran Wrick whom she meets in 2021.

Birth of Becky

Daughter of Sabine Baina N'Diaye and Dan, she's a born traveler, and will known many places in her life. Step-daughter of Dory (Dorothy Mc Leane)

Dory discovers the Meredwen pyramids

Dorothy Mc Leane, the psychic archeologist, discovers two ancient pyramids in the Andalucian mountains

Yann and Quintin meet in Vienna

During a talk given by artists Michaela and Elias...