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Yurara Fameliki

Yurara Fameliki's Collection: All The Storylines

These are the past and future storylines, most of which have been written and rewritten in many alternate realities, and continue to develop and expand…

Alienor Guardians

Stories of the Alienor system, during the rule of the Guardians, powerful alien being with godlike abilities, at the time when their planet Phreal orbited the system with the twin planets Duane and Murtuane.

Arona’s Party

Connecting stories where Arona appear —or her close friends (Mandrake her cat, Yikesy a strange baby, Vincentius a demi-god etc.).Starting her journeys in the Duane (in the Alienor system), she learns to travel through tunnels and dimensions with the help of Leörmn, a dragon, and soon charts adventures of her own, meeting new challenges and old friends along the way.

Ascension Stardome

Stories about the life of Ascended Masters, and mysteries hiding behind the Light… Being an Ascended Master may not be all that it was cracked up to be. Ascended Master Medlik is in charge of the training and prosperity of his entrusted pupils. Being Ascended isn’t a done job. There seem to be more Ascension to be had, and the…

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Beauty Treatments Inc.

The adventures of Sha, Glo and Mavis, three late-middle aged friends not too fussy about methods to perfect their good looks. feat. in Beauty Traps On The Island (in: Circle of Eights) On Tikfijikoo, a mysterious island where a mad Doctor has found refuge to experiment beauty treatments with some unwitting patients. A little girl and a WWII veteran are guiding the…

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A town going upside down, reality shook by strange cackling, and a woman with a strange power to unwittingly reshape reality, creating chaos and personality shifts all around. Can the Surge Team keep up with this impossible situation? Strange cackling occurrences rip through the fabric of realities, and seem to impact every story characters.Story refugees appear and disappear unexpectedly, and…

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Coma Cameleon

Follow Aaron/Tibu’s journey as he pieces together his forgotten identity and discovers the ability to time travel in this captivating tale. Will he and Lily find their way back to reality?

Doctor’s Orders

Following the very misunderstood Doctor Chris Bronklehampton in his various quests to better humanity. Not being shy of a few casualties on the way to said betterment. Mummies and magpies may be found, beehived assistants as well…

Franiel’s Brotherhood

Embark on Franiel’s journey as he discovers his true destiny on the high peaks of Mt El’okram. Follow his growth path as he meets unexpected allies and faces dangerous situations to become the rightful successor of the old abbot and guardian of the sacred chalice.

French Maids

French maid Adeline, Fanella, Mirabelle, unexpectedly propelled in our contemporary timeline from their original pre-French Revolution Versailles condition… (see Time Dragglers) The maids and Russians having fled in the hot air balloon from Versailles settle down into some intriguing village. Romance and complications soon appear.We learn more about who is pulling the temporal strings, and how the Queens can once…

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