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Yurara Fameliki

Yurara Fameliki's Collection: All The Storylines

These are the past and future storylines, most of which have been written and rewritten in many alternate realities, and continue to develop and expand…


In 2222, the resurgence of a mythical island that appears at rare occasions in History, its secrets coveted by Chinese Secret Services, becomes the setup for an adventure between those on top of the beanstalk and those below… The strange island of Abalone, divided between Karmalott, on the top of the giant beanstalk, and Gazalbion, at the bottom. The old…

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Kelowna Folks

Discover the heartwarming tale of “Pop*in People Tribulations,” a story of adventure, friendship, and the power of storytelling. Follow Granola and her friends as they embark on a thrilling journey across the globe, encountering a cast of colorful characters and uncovering a mysterious collection of dolls. Experience the magic and humor of this must-read book that will inspire you to find excitement in the everyday.

Mars Settlers

The Hosts of Mars — What’s life on Mars like? One would say, it’s not all that it seems… Maya and her son, John are part of the small and first settlements on Mars. As their routine lives are changed by the arrival of the last commercial ships and the enigmatic Sister Shirley and the increasingly inquiring AI Finnleys, stranger…

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Mummy Knows Best

Ella Marie and the Mummy from Alabama Ella Marie, a museum cleaning lady, who helps an ancient mummy Elioctyl, that has come back to life. Her adventures brings her back safely to Arthur Tindale, her dear husband, and they have a run in with the Aunties when they are called to rescue Barron from his own kidnapping.

Newsreel Paper

The motley crew of a gossip and fringe-events paper are sent on a wild goose chase in Iceland. What was only meant to be a simple mission soon unravels more mysteries and ties with old and mad foes. With Connie, Hilda, sweet Sophie, and Bossy, from the Paper, reporting odd bits of news, for everyone’s amazement.

Orbs of Madjourneys

Looking for an immersive gaming experience that challenges you to discover your inner quirks? Meet Orbs of Madjourney, where players are transported to the Land of Quirks and tasked with unlocking clues to the next adventure. But as the game starts to bleed into reality, four friends across the globe must team up to decipher clues and bridge their real and virtual lives in Australia.

Phoebe and her Charm of Magpies

Madame Phoebe Chesterhope is a master thief, collector of rare treasures and precious items from all possible eras and dimensions. She has trained many a magpie in her craft, and can be seen at times crossing universes on her motorcycle going through puddles transdimensionally.She used to be a mentor for Georges, and had history with Leonard. She is linked to…

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Quotes of Depth

References from the prolific philosopher E.P. Lemone, known under various names in nearly all dimensions for his pithy and cryptic comments, idolized by famous author Elizabeth Tattler —oft quoted, much less understood…

San Demangelo Far-West Saga

Twilight and her brothers, in the Far West story feat. in Twilight’s Freakus In The Air (in: Circle of Eights) The arrival of a prized blue bull brings a cascade of unexpected changes to the small lives of the El Disperso siblings in small Far West town of San Demangelo. Twilight, the youngest, dreaming of fame on the West Coast and escape…

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Surge Team

The stories of the Surge Team, always ready to save the world from out-of-place energy surges and their dramatic consequences… Using some of the special artifacts collected during his team’s many missions, Ed Steam plans a daring and risky exit from this employer.

Tart Wreck Investigations

Introducing Star and Tara, two private investigators with a knack for finding clues in all the wrong places. From smuggling operations in wardrobes to missing pineapples, these two detectives are always up for a challenge. Follow them on their adventures as they stumble their way through mysteries, with a little help from their eccentric friends and their love for coffee.…

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