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Yurara Fameliki

Yurara Fameliki's Collection: All The Storylines

These are the past and future storylines, most of which have been written and rewritten in many alternate realities, and continue to develop and expand…

The Island Castaways

Step into the mysterious island of Tikfijikoo and join a little girl and a WWII veteran in their escape from a mad Doctor and sentient spiders with world domination plans. Discover the beauty treatments and genome-altered spiders that make this adventure a thrilling ride.

The Jorid

A story of love and adventure beyond the ages and confines of dimensions, which has been retold in countless variations. With Georges and Salomé, and some of the friends and mentors they meet on their travels on the Jorid.

The Last Trek of Illi Fergusson

Discover the captivating journey of Illi Fergusson, a renowned anthropologist, as she faces the disorientation of her own identity in the afterlife. Follow her through strange landscapes and profound revelations as she decides whether to move on or stay in the realm of the dead.

The Peaslanders and The Blubbits

The headless Peaslanders are facing a plague of hungry blubbits and a scheming Majorbugmester. Can the moral and upstanding Pee Stoll save his family and the future of Peasland ? An all-time favourite surreal adventure, that stretches the imagination and leaves panting with laughter.

The Sexy Wooden Leg

Discover the heartwarming tale of “The Sexy Wooden Leg” set in war-torn Oocrane. Follow the journey of its characters and their quest for miracles, faith, and kindness amid chaos.


Veranassessee, a secret agent with many hidden and deadly skills, her torrid love affair with Agent Gabriele, on the paradisiac yet perilous island of Tikfijikoo.

Time Dragglers

Follow the intrepid drag queens who have gone through rigorous training to be sent on missions time-travelling through the Time Sewers in order to save humanity from queerlessness. Would-be drag queens stars and friends join a contest on a private cable network that could change their lives, and throw them into unexpected growth as they explore past and future under…

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Time Travelling Absinthe Pirates

Jacques Schitt and Frank Diddley Squat were time-travelling artemesium absinthium salesmen also known as The Time Travelling Absinthe Pirates. Bright green in colour, they were often mistaken for aliens, depending on the timeframe they were visiting.

Wrick Family

A story spanning generations, centered around Lord Wrick and his grand-children Cuthbert and India Louise, their nanny, Sean Wrick and Becky, as well as other side-stories…