Timeline Flying Fish Inn


(1958) Mater marries

Mater marries her childhood sweetheart

(1965) Birth of Fred

(1965) Birth of Fred

(1968) Birth of Abcynthia Hogg

(1968) Birth of Abcynthia Hogg

(1978) Mater’s husband dies

(1978) April 12 - Mater’s husband dies

(1988) Mines Close down – Carts & Lager Festival

(1988) March, the mines are closed after an incident. It's about the time of the Carts and Lager Festival, when Idle gets pregnant. After the incident, the Cart and Lager Festival stop for a while.

(1988) Idle gives birth to a child in Fiji

(1988) Idle gives birth to a child in Fiji - she got pregnant after the Carts and Lager festival, the father is Howard. The child is given at a local orphanage where she later becomes a nun, being known as Sister Finli. She travels under the assumed identity Liana Parker.

(1989) Hannah Hogg’s death (Abby’s mother)

(1989) Hannah Hogg's death Abcynthia's mother, Hannah Hogg, died in somewhat suspicious circumstances shortly before the mines closed.

(1989) Horace Hogg death – Inn passes down to Abby

(1989) Horace Hogg death - Inn passes down to Abby The Flying Fish Inn was passed down to Abcynthia (the children's mother) from her father*, who had a boarding house during the gold rush. He died just after the mine closed and Abcynthia closed the place up and moved to…
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(1990) Fred marries Abcynthia

(1990) Fred marries Abcynthia

(2000) Birth of Clove and Coriander

Clove and Coriander Curara, identical twin girls born in the year 2000, the year 2000 being easily remembered and open to symbolic interpretation, as indeed is the date of their birth, the Day of the Dead, November the first ~ at 19:19. Clove was born first but merely minutes and…
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(2008) Carts and Lager Festival Revival

(2008) Carts & Lager Festival Revival — 20 years after the last Festival and the closure of the mines. Some folks thought to revive the festival as a prank, but people had so much fun the council agreed to renew it the next year, and the year after that it…
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(2008) Abcynthia leaves

(2008) Abcynthia leaves her husband Fred and their children. Shortly after, Idle and Mater come to the house to help Fred with the children and the estate which is in poor state.

(2009) Strange incidents at the mines, Idle sets up the Inn

A few months after Abcynthia’s disappearance, some unexplained incidents occurred in the area around the ghost town and the defunct mines ~ possibly connected to the sci fi novel Fred was writing in some way ~ which Fred wrote articles about, which went viral in the popular imagination and thirst…
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(2010) Fred leaves his family goes into hiding

(2010) Fred leaves his family goes into hiding

(2014) Start of Prune’s journal

(2014) Start of Prune’s journal about the Inn (she’s 6 at the time ref)

(2017) Visitors from Elsewheres

(2017) visit of Arona, Albie, Maeve, Hilda, Sanso etc. to the Inn

(2020) The year of the Great Fires

(2020) The year of the Great Fires. Mater is 85. Idle is 50. The twins are 20. Prune is 12.

(2021) Italian tourists saved the Inn

(2021) Italian tourists make the Inn famous, creating a regular income stream for the family, and allowing for needed repairs.

(2023) Orbs Gamers Visitors

(2023) Visitors of the Orbs gamers Zara, Yasmin, Youssef and Xavier. Mater is 88. Idle is 53. The twins are 23. Prune is 15. Glimmer Gambol also visit her friend Idle.

(2027) Prune going to a boarding school

(2027) First settlers on Mars Prune’s left for a boarding school to pursue her dreams

(2035) Mater 100 and twins on a waterlark adventure

(2035) Idle receives news from the twins (now aged 35) & waterlark adventures. Mater is alive and kicking at 100.