Timeline Alienor

  • Era of the Guardians

    Sinadron experiments with inserting non native to the Murtuane, this starts to stir the balancing effect of the Murtuane over the Duane. Georges replaces Shu-Lum at the Jokan Council. Salome and Cil travel to the Murtuane sent by Nah’Rom to investigate on the uprisings. This era ends with the phasing of the Phrëal and the assassination of Vogel New races..Read More

  • (Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Twelve

    (Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Twelve

    During the period where the ancient Guardians have disappeared, the control they had being relinquished led to battles in order to secure power on the main continent of Lan’ork. The continent is under the rule of warlords and feudal ruling that leaves the continent split into twelve main regions. The dragons vanish from sight; it is prophesied they would reappear..Read More

  • (Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Seven

    (Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Seven

    Abduction of Atiara of Landgurdy, who will later be known as the Weaving Princess, she is kept in the Marshes of Doom Lola finds a dragon egg. Against all odds, the dragon (Asiir) hatches and they bond. — the egg was inserted as the result of a time-traveling experiment of Leörmn, Malvina and the guests in their rookery. Atiara is..Read More

  • (Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Four

    (Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Four

    Most of the timeline of Malvina occurs during this period. It marks a period where dragons are starting to become more commonplace, but are not always welcome. The four left Kingdoms on Lan’ork are: Erpet Mesh (green) Ata Meliu (yellow) Cromash Tur (red) Dam Adbor (purple)   Malvina and her sisters are trained on the Dragon’s birth place, the Island..Read More