(Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Four

Most of the timeline of Malvina occurs during this period. It marks a period where dragons are starting to become more commonplace, but are not always welcome.

The four left Kingdoms on Lan’ork are:

  • Erpet Mesh (green)
  • Ata Meliu (yellow)
  • Cromash Tur (red)
  • Dam Adbor (purple)


  • Malvina and her sisters are trained on the Dragon’s birth place, the Island of Mörk.
  • Roselÿn decides to go settle her rookery in Åsgurdy, to start reinserting the old knowledge, and preparing the continent to be reunited.
  • Bådul bridges the Great Rift and starts exploring the Western World, unknown yet to Åsgurdians.