Sean Doran Wrick

  • Known Affiliation: Wrick Family
  • Dimension of origin: Earth, UK
  • First seen in comment #(243) (from Story: Circle of Eights, Stories)
  • Timeframe: 2030
  • Essence Families: Milumet;Borledim

Sean is the only son of Lord Wrick, was first married to Margaret Wrick. He has a penchant for strong spirits, but in an interesting twist of fate happens to meet and fall madly in love with older Becky (Vane), step-daughter of Dory, during the inauguration of the T.R.A.P. (transfocal reality attraction parc or something) in flooded New York (New Venice). They wed in a hurry (insert connection to Russia and old friends in the business of frozen reindeer meat) and plan a trip to Sri Lanka.

Categories: Wrick Family
Type: person

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