• Known Affiliation: Wrick Family
  • Dimension of origin: Earth, Spain
  • First seen in comment #(133) (from Story: Circle of Eights, Stories)
  • Timeframe: 2000
  • Essence(s): Rafaela
  • Essence Families: Sumari;Ilda
  • Colour(s): avocado;umber
  • Totem animal(s): Goat;Mongoose

Dorothy Mc Leane is a born traveller and explorer. She is Dan’s partner, and is very fond of Becky, her step-daughter from Dan’s early marriage to Sabine Baina N’Diaye.

The Circle of Eight books are thought to be energy deposits of her connected stories, initially started in our timeline by Dory, Finn, Yann and Yurick. The story then was rediscovered by Becky, who initiated a Reality Play with her friends Tina, Sam and Al.

Categories: FocusGroupFocus
Type: person

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