Illi Fergusson

Illi Fergusson is a renowned anthropologist, who is first seen in Circle of Eights, as she suffers a disorientating moment at the moment of her death, where she recollects her life, merges with other selves, and potentially decides to move on to a new lease of life. She is known to the Wrick Family through the classic book The Perilous Treks of Lord Gustard Willoughby Fergusson, a somewhat biographical recollection written by her father, Lord Gustard Fergusson.

In the Perilous Treks, Illi Fergusson is the young daughter of the eccentric Fergusson couple, bright and enthusiastic, with a passion for adventure and a wide-eyed wonder at the world around her. She has a tendency to break into song at the most unexpected moments. Despite her youth, she’s a valuable member of the group, always eager to help and full of ideas.

Categories: Perilous Treks
Type: person

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