Lord Gustard Willoughby Fergusson

Lord Gustard Willoughby Fergusson, is a fearless adventurer, with a passion for exploration. He harbours a love for pith helmets and a tendency to get lost in his own thoughts at the most inconvenient times. Despite this, he has an unshakable determination to succeed and a deep respect for the cultures and traditions of the places he visits. Also known as Lord Gus, or Gus to his loved ones.
He has a charmingly batty second wife, Floribunda Chaiise-Loriket, who follow him in his adventures, and a young daugher Illi. He has an ancestral country pile in Dorset, Rubbingdon Hall.

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Lord Gustard Willoughby Fergusson, Lord Gustard, Gustard, Lord Fergusson, Gustard Willoughby, Lord Gus
Categories: Perilous Treks
Type person
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