Aldous Mc Gaughran

  • Known Affiliation: San Demangelo Far-West Saga
  • Dimension of origin: Earth, Texas, US
  • First seen in comment #(474) (from Story: Circle of Eights, Stories)
  • Timeframe: 1830
  • Essence(s): Ogean;Yuki;Armelle;Araili

Aldous (Ogrean) Mc Gaughran, the kingpin of the San Demangelo town. He is harrassing young Twilight El Disperso, and the El Disperso family in general. Ogrean is arrested (temporarily) by Ted Marshall, the sheriff due to his possible trafficking.
Notably, Ogrean is seen involved in some of the crystal skulls discoveries, during his earlier travel to New Honduras.

Type: person

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