(Warring Kingdoms) Era of the Nine

This area marks the return of the traveling portals technology, and the reappearance of dragons on the Duane.

  • Dragons are starting to reappear
  • The reactivation of portals make conquest more easy, and the kingdoms are once again split into many.
  • The Orange Prince and the vassals: one of the Kingdom’s King, “Paul” (originated from Earth) abdicates in favor of his son, named Paul (Dumian) too. The son is plotting to gain control over his rivals. One of his plan involves marrying a dark-haired princess, Uhaollis. The princess suspects she is only a chess piece in Paul II’s game, but is forced by her mother, the blond Sylvania to comply. The Orange flag of the Kingdom becomes stitched with a white border as a representation of each conquered vassals…