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Indeed, Sadie was initially appalled and dismayed by the actions of Anna Purrna, however, not wishing to start building a grid of appalling and dismaying whatnots, she had quickly changed the direction of her thoughts.

Phew, I hope it did not take me more than 17 seconds!

Seeing the shock on the boys’ faces at her earlier stern, but nonetheless heartfelt, words, Sadie softened.

“How about we all sit down, right here, right now, and meditate for a bit.”

Consuela’s eyes widened in horror and he opened his mouth to protest. Sadie hurriedly continued.

“You can do this, guys! I have faith in you. How many times do I have to tell you — It’s all about vibration”.

Under the cover of invisibility, she boogied a bit on the spot, to illustrate her point.