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Dory will be home in time for The day Of The Dead celebrations at the Meredwen pyramid, Dan! Becky exclaimed excitedly.

Dan smiled and said, Yeah, I thought she might make it back in time for that.

It was two years since Dory, the psychic archeologist, had discovered two ancient pyramids in the Andalucian mountains.

How about we go up there today, Becky, and help with the preparations?

Oh YES Dan! Becky replied enthusiastically. Then she sat quite still for some moments, with her eyes closed.

Becky? Dan inquired, You ok?

She opened her eyes and smiled up at Dan. We’ll have quite a crowd of helpers with us at Meredwen today, she said, I just sent out telepathic invitations to everyone.

Dan chuckled and shook his head…he didn’t really understand alot of what Dory and Becky said, but it all seemed right somehow, and it was no skin off his nose to be indulgent and supportive. Their tips about ‘creating his own reality’ had certainly come in handy on the golf course and at the poker table. He started to pack a picnic lunch, still smiling at Becky’s enthusiastic response to his suggestion. That’s what he loved most about Dory and Becky, their passionate enthusiasm for just about anything.