Yurara Fameliki

Yurara Fameliki's Collection: All The Books

These are the past and future books, most of which have been written and rewritten in many alternate realities, and continue to develop and expand…


Circle of Eights by Yurara Fameliki

The root of all stories… Mythical stories (dragons, Guardians) or stories set in our dimension; in the past (Wrick saga); in the present; in the future (New Venice)


The Peaslanders and The Blubbits by Yurara Fameliki

The Peaslanders story, consolidated. The headless Peaslanders are facing a plague of hungry blubbits and a scheming Majorbugmester. Can the moral and upstanding Pee Stoll save his family and the future of Peasland ?


Janice Adventures by Eric P. Lemoine

Short stories featuring Janice, a little girl in the City, set in the future.