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      Back from the depths of his sleep, the dragon Naasir exhaled in a puff of smoke. He’d just woven a wonderful dream —for all dragons and creatures do dream of course, even if most humans doubt it.

      Yawning, Naasir stretched out his long slithery body. Fully stretched, his body was an impressive sight to behold. He was quite old by human standards, while in fact, he was still in his youth, and could very well stay as rambunctiously lively for many other long centuries.

      He had given the final touch to a new world he had been creating in his dream time for many nights now, and was rather proud of it —even if dragons knew no such thing as pride, his feeling at this very moment was very akin to being proud.

      He had filled this world with many wonders, dragons of course, and other creatures yet to be named. And magic was all pervasive in that world, and so slightly cloaked, that it could be used by many.
      It would be a great playground he thought, for he was not a possessive and dictatorial dragon. In fact, he could feel some others were about to step in, and tell and live the story of that world.

      Sighing in delight, like a sleepy cat of majestic dimensions, he cuddled again, about to sink deeply into the harp music playing in his mind, ready to dream and let that story be told again…

      Another Never Ending Story

      Malvina. That name had been thrown into a conversation Yann and Quintin had had together, during which Quintin had felt images come into his awareness. He had instantly liked that name.
      He was feeling the aura of a woman, long hair of a pale rosy color, with a noble bearing. That name had been around, and they had played with it to find more impressions.
      And they had felt it linked to breeding of dragons, in a sort of rookery.

      They’ve both felt her connected to Malika, an online friend of them, whose gentle touch and kindly influence, as well as her passion for dragons seemed to fit in quite interestingly.

      Then on an impulse, Quintin had begun to paint an image around it, letting his feeling guide his movements. He’d loved the peaceful environment he’d drawn, and even if he was not wont to share “unfinished” drawings, he immediately shared the initial sketches with Yann and Fiona.

      They both loved it, and Fiona even considered for a moment adopting one of the cute baby dragons to be born.
      “Buckberry” : that was the name Quintin felt for the baby dragon… But he did not see any character in that picture for Fiona. She would have to decide to step in, to get that baby dragon. What character would she be? A young impetuous rude adventuress, or an o(w)ld wizened witch? Perhaps a bit of both?

      These thoughts were now coming back to him.
      Ever since he had seen Yann’s pictures, those taken when he’d been in Old Albion, he had felt that something strange was manifesting.
      One of these intriguing coincidences: the picture of a cave that Yann has been visiting looked so strikingly similar to Malvina’s Rookery… And that playful kid in the cave was probably linked to Yann.

      So, now that the painting was finished, perhaps he could have people join in the fun. All that was required was imagination…

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        Al woke up with a start.

        In his dream, Becky’s children were born prescient, with a tint of green in the eyes, due to the amount of psychotropic laced reindeer she had ingested a few days before the conception…

        Oh my Flove, what have we done


        Oh, shite, an aghast Yurick told Finn in the messaging window.
        What? asked Finn who was giggling (with great dignity) at the new comment he’d just made
        There will be retaliations says the cloud:

        “quickly storm stupid Dory closer front
        try suddenly syncs side free creating
        taken empty dreams let thread open
        against beautiful picked”…


          The afternoon was hot, a bit moist and sticky too. Yurick and Yann were enjoying the freshness of Dory’s patio.
          Cold lemon drink in cocktail glasses, the radio playing some sun related song.
          Dan was out playing golf with friends and would be here for dinner.
          Dory, dozing on her rocking chair had told Yurick and Yann that they could use their computers, they had 2 of them, so Yurick could take Dory’s and Yann could take Dan’s. Yurick was busy checking his mails and answering all those who had submitted some article for the next issue of their e-zine, and Yann wanted some distraction. He was just looking at some pictures on Gurgle, some movies on Yootune. Some of them were cracking him up, and he had difficulties keeping his :-| face serious.
          At the same time he was browsing through Dan’s pictures folders. Some of them were really amazing. Pictures of Dory on the field, with her pith helmet and her brushes, her shovels or even her pick. She was very funny looking when she was finding something seemingly out of nowhere, having dug all day long with no result and then finally some treasure! Often, Yann thought, it was only some fragment of a vase or some broken tool, but she always had this awe-inspired gaze ;))

          What is the name of this singer again?, asked Yurick.
          You ask me?

          The grin on Yurick’s face was all that Yann was waiting for. Yann had no memory of names of singers or actors. Their face, once he had seen it were recorded in his mind, but their name was like a summer breeze, refreshing, but soon forgotten. He knew that Yurick was more asking that to himself.

          Dunno me luv. You can ask the mummy in the living room if you want…
          Hahaha, graowl

          Hehehe. Funny that, thought Yann. Coming back to the computer screen, his eyes fall on a strange folder name.
          Patate? What’s that!?
          Just a few files. Videos mainly. The names weren’t very evocative…
          Yann picked one and waited for the movie to begin.
          It was kind of black and white movie… the grain was gross and old fashioned. There was no audio.
          Yann had an old memory of a similar movie seen on the comodor computer of his cousin’s parents… his cousin had told him about some weird movie he had found in a floppy disk of his father…
          So, there was a man, maybe in his 60’s, he was wearing a gray bathing suit and was a bit hairy. Drinking some kind of grey cocktail.
          A girl came in… with an amazing leopard baby-doll!!! from what Yann could see, she was blond and fleshy. Oh! and she had some friends. All of them with a leo-part on them :-?

          Ahem! Yurick? Wanna see what I found?
          I’m sure you’ll find some interest :)) hahaha! Oh my Flove! She’s really doing it!?

          Seeing his friend hilarious picked the curiosity of Yurick and he eventually came to see. The look on his face when he saw what was happening was too much for Yann who burst into laughter. That was enough to wake Dory who almost fell off her rocked chair.

          What is that? Where did you find that… thing? Dory looked offended, but soon she was blushing.
          Oh! no… don’t look at that. It was a youthful mistake…


            Mmm, would there be retaliations?… he started to wonder again.


            Looking again at the leo-parts he just found in the digital archives of the play, Al was now amazed at how the Becky he had had glimpses of in her tarty nunfit had looked similar to her step-mother Dory in her youth…


              Steady on, Becky! said Tina, alarmed. You nearly had that rocking chair right over!

              Becky steadied the chair and started to laugh. ‘Off my rocker’ sync, she chortled to Tina. Ahahaha, too funny!

              Tina raised an eyebrow at her freind, who was beginning to have a mad gleam in her eye, and was starting to appear a trifle hysterical.

              Steady on, Becky pooh! Tina repeated, but it was no use. Becky had seen the funny side and tears of mirth (or was it madness?) rolled down her cheeks.

              Becky, why don’t you leave that comment in the Reality Play you’re trying to do, for heavens sake, and get a grip first. You know it won’t make sense, and you won’t delete it, either, will you? Tina was firm. BECKY! Just hit send NOW!


                I can feel a limerick coming on, Tina.

                Tina rolled her eyes. I’ll go and make a cuppa then, she said resignedly.


                When Phurt awoke, it was all dark and the soil was sodden and drenched and she was all wet to the tips of her fine black and white hair. Her pairs of eyes blinked as a bright lightening illuminated the whole place.
                It looked like a forest, and though everything was silent now safe the sound of the cyclone, she could tell there was water not very far, and that place had all aspects of a body of land surrounded by waters.
                Jumping on her fine legs, she took a look around, looking for any clue… where she could start to build her new nest. The little ones would be soon requiring her attention, and she would have to secure a perimeter for them and herself. Who knew what unknown danger was looming in this unknown place?
                As if answering her silent question, a thunder rolled into the sky opening it in two in a flash of a thunderbolt, revealing somewhere in the less dense parts of the forest, a protruding tip of what seemed a huge white dome-like structure.
                That would be perfect indeed…

                Coming from it, a shriek suddenly filled her ears, parts of which where so clearly in the ultrasounds part of the spectrum that she could hear it perfectly…


                Glo was beaming.
                Aye, I think we got them all the nasty buggers!
                Good riddance! Good thing we took off our clothes, with all that nasty pomegranate juice everywhere
                Odd that those magpies gushed all bloody purple blood everywhere
                Odd indeed, now ye mention it, Sha
                What’s that “indeed” business all about now? Speaking like a bloddy ascended being are ye? Sharon said while readjusting her bra.
                Ascended beings my tits, never ‘ere when ye need them… Now, look at all this purple juice stains now, ruined all our beauty treatments…
                So what we gonna do of this UV lamp now? Sharon asked
                Odd lamp… Looks more a skull than a lamp to me, Sha
                Yeah, they got bizarrest tastes ‘ere, with that clever doctor…
                Sure, that one obviously doesn’t know how to put lipstick properly, now you say it…
                UV skull-shaped lamps now… Next thing we know, we got magpies’ Bloody Margies
                Bloody Margies! Ya’re so smart Sha, ahahaha!
                I reckon we better keep it safe… Poor Vessie seems to have much on her plate with that sexy Italian… don’t want to make another bloddy blunder
                Ya’re the brain, I reckon Sha. Let’s find Mavis and have some snacks… That honeystuff in the fridge was sooo addictive


                It only took a few seconds for Armelle to deflate though she donned off with a hint of reluctance the delightfully filling feeling of power she had acquired notwithstanding the slight overweight (a few grams at best, given her immaterial nature of pristine white hallowy owly essence, but you could not reasonably expect to be really ascended with even no more than a few grams of physicality left, could you?)…

                So, it only took a few seconds, which in essence’s inner time was tantamount to a mere eon (a merry myriad of seconds).

                But then, all was so clear.
                She was seeing the trail that was left unwatched by the spiders, and that her friends would take to the wort-hole.

                Claude, my dear, would you be so kind as to oblige me for a few minutes? she regally asked her host of the branches, taking great care not to be too self-conscious, which would irremediably make her roll her eyes and lose all composure.
                Well… err… I s’pose yes…
                Indeed. Then, take good care of the wort-hole, and wait for us to come back, and then lead us back to the place from whence you came.
                Wouldn’t do that, if I were you… It’s full of magpies there…
                Oh bugger now. Armelle sighed so profusely that it made the hair raise on Claude’s head. The Snoot told me the way would be clear, so… have a little faith in me she said in a cocker’s voice.

                And there, in a majestic elan, she went back to the spot where her friends were now gently getting together.


                When she arrived, Akayli the were-lynx had just been deposing his precious package of the two silk-wrapped parents at the feet of little Anita. The first minutes of doubt passed, her hesitant face started to show a smile, knowing that her parents would be fine.

                Yuki was for himself all very impressed by the transformergence of his friends, and was finding that a very good idea to get more focused.
                However, he could hear the yet unvoiced protests of Armelle at his yet unphrased suggestion of a mergence
                Now way I get my white feathers mixed in that bloody smelly goat’s fur!
                And of course, he could hear too the yet unvoiced slew of outraged protests
                Smelly goat? Who you bloddy call a smelly goat, you persnickity saucer-eyed shuttlecock?

                Yet… Yuki, gazing for a few seconds of essence in the stream of possibilities, weighted again the enticing result that a mergence of the three of them would produce…
                Which would be… a… grabbiffon.
                A magnificent winged horned cotton-tailed… sort of… gryffun… or grumpfoon.
                Well… perhaps Armelle was right in the not-yet-voiced first place.

                That would just be plain ridiculous.

                So… what are we waiting for?! Let’s do it now!! all three of them laughed in unison :D =)) :creating_magic: :buffoon:


                  Becky cackled insanely and shreiked for Tina.

                  Tina! TINA!


                  It had been a week now. Georges had fully taken his role as Shu-Lom, the eleventh Gate in the Council of the Guardians. His mergence with the actual focus of Blöhmul was fading out ; the transition had been smooth, unnoticed by most of the Guardians, even his closest friends. Georges was careful not to display any unusual change in Shu-Lom’s attitude, though some of them were showing signs of suspicion, especially… his own focus, Sinadron who was the most susceptible to be aware of the difference. Georges had been avoiding him since his arrival, but he would eventually have to face him for one of the rituals soon to begin.
                  Of the eleventh other Guardians, only 2 were considering him as a friend, Doh’Maar and Vogel. Most of the others were ignoring him during the sessions and Sinadron were despising him. Well, technically he was despising Shu-Lom and the change would not make things go easier between the 2 of them as the energy of their 2 focuses were sort of repulsing each other.
                  Following Shu-Lom’s habits, he was heading to the public baths, but contrary to him, he was going during daylight. He needed some answers. He had been feeling strong tensions between the Gates, and there were also underlying feeling of discontentment and anger among the other Guardians. For the first time in their history, unknown groups of their kind were attacking the other races and provoking them and generating feelings of fear, even amongst the Guardians.
                  The man he was following would give him some of the answers. He would have to befriend him first though. Noraam had a smooth energy, and he would be easy to approach, especially in the dampness of the baths.

                  Noraam was wearing an grey cape, attached on his shoulders with carved fibulae. His robe was short, above his knees, and rather dark. He was quite young by the standards of the Guardians and still fiery. Shu-Lom was young too, about the same age as Noraam, but he was quite pessimistic and self-effacing, and especially he wanted to leave, that he did, and Georges took his place.
                  Georges suddenly felt a familiar energy, one that he would recognize anywhere, anytime. Salome… rather another focus of her essence. Hahaha, that was a surprise, and he almost lost track of what he was doing. Noraam was already taking the stairs up to the baths. Something about the energy of that focus was attractive, he still didn’t know who it was or what he/she(?) was doing here. Maybe just a projection. He didn’t have time to investigate. Heading to the stairs where Noraam was already being dematerialized and rematerialized to the first level, he heard a child’s voice.

                  Can you help me?.. I know you can.

                  What again, another distraction… he would be late to the baths and maybe loose the occasion to speak with the other Gate.

                  Looking down at the origin of the voice, he was surprised to see a little girl, red hair and amber eyes. As he could see, she was blind, but as he could feel, she was quite capable of seeing things.

                  Do I know you, little one? He had not been aware of this child in Shu-Lom’s memories, and he was wondering if he had missed something during his encounters with the original.

                  You dreamt of me the other night, but you weren’t here yet.

                  Her last words triggered a memory, of him carrying a naked little girl in his arms, protecting her in a way, and he was following a man in his dream, trying to keep track… in his dream, he was rushing and almost lost the child, following also Salome who had already taken the stairs… yes he was here in his dreams, the place and the stairs were the same… as was the child.

                  What is your name little one? In my dream you were followed by an owl
                  You can call me Ar’Meel.


                  Sam thought he could write it somewhat differently. With his understanding of Georges’ abilities, he could well have split in two and followed Salome and stayed with the girl simultaneously and maybe even Noraam.
                  A smile.
                  He was feeling wobbly and wavy. A ripple effect?
                  It seemed that there had been a strange recognition between his character and himself. It was like Georges was aware of Sam wanting to change what had happened… or was it a suggestion of Georges?


                    Head Parcel, the postie, met What,
                    What Ever said, “Head, I’m What.”
                    “You’re What?” said Head.
                    “That’s right!” What said,
                    “I’m What Ever, Head Parcel, or What.”



                    Mr Arak had just got another complaint.
                    Someone was again stealing people’s soondwiches during the morning break. Except that this time, the perpetratoor had placed some poost-it saying “Thanks for the snoock! Floove, Finnley
                    How cheeky! he thought, smiling to himself… As funny as he thought it was, especially when the teafed one was that annoying woonabe-star of Elizabeth, he might have to take appropriate measures. Especially when the teafed one was that Elizabeth T.

                    Now, tell me, Yurick asked Finn anxiously (while she apparently only got the breathing icons :yahoo_sigh: and no longer the messages accompanying it), “any idea what’s the message in that bizarre dream?”


                    So how do we proceed? asked Armelle a bit weary of the transformergence.

                    — Easy peasy, answered Yuki, all we need to do is focus on the aspects we want to bring into alignement
                    Wait, wait, wait! the tone of urgency in Rafaela was baa’ing in their ears What did you say?… How do we do?! Why do you say we have to focus, I say, bee, Focus on Fun and reel in nonsense, and with gusto,… and pesto too, if there is! What do we care about facts, it’s all in your head, You Create your Herbality, and Go with the Fawn!… Unless it is “You are Goat Also”… I think I’m lost here! But really, what did you say, speak clearly, it’s awful, I can’t hear you! Loud and clear Cotton-tail, Load and Clean! Oh, bugger the typos, There are No Secretions,… and why are those frigging mottherflies all around my side whiskers when I can’t put them on my Chimera?!

                    :goat: :yahoo_nailbiting: ~~~ :bunny_head: :yahoo_surprise: ~~~ :y_orly: :yahoo_rolling_eyes:

                    What? Rafaela said after an awkward instant.

                    Err… Nothing, I think we’ll improvise on that one answered Yuki, a bit overwhelmed.
                    Good thinking Einski Armelle retorted. That way, we know for sure we will end up something ridiculous and —how do they say?— mentally challenged?
                    Yeah, yeah… As they say, Follow Your Passiflora… encouraged Rafaela with glinting eyes, her whiskers now full of perched yellow mottherflies.

                    Okay… At the count of fifty-seven!
                    Ahaaha, that’s a joke… at the count of five



                    Can we go now Yurmaela? Akayli was asking to his new reconfigured friend.

                    Indeed… answered the great winged big-eyed, long-eared, thick-haired creature that had appeared after the three essences had merged together. We’ll fly Claude and Anita on our back to the wortex, on top of the cleared trail. Akayli, you follow our lead with Anita’s parents, and we can all jump to the other dimension and kiss these spiders bye-bye!


                      “My yellow is fine and dandy”
                      Said green hued sickly Mandy
                      “You’re mad to suggest
                      A yellow sick fest”
                      Said sickly green hued Mandy.


                      That wasn’t one of your finest, dear, said Tina disparagingly.
                      Becky sighed. I need to find a Limerick support group.

                      Mandy felt better at once
                      “I feel better than I have in months.
                      You may be mad,
                      And that is sad!
                      But now I fancy some lunch.”


                      These are special Kuzhebarian Healing Limericks you know, Becky said a trifle huffily. Nobody appreciates my limericks.

                      Mr X is making some rice.
                      It’ll be ready in just a trice;
                      All soupy and wet,
                      She’ll feel better I bet
                      In a trice, at a modest price.


                      “You tried”, she said with a smirk
                      “But I doubt if it will work”

                      Tina interrupted: “You tried she said with a sigh”

                      Becky sighed. I was hoping you’d smirk dear, she said to Tina. The word smirk is on my ’100 things challenge’ list.
                      Tina rolled her eyes and Becky continued:

                      “But the poppy is making me high!
                      So thanks for that!
                      I’ll eat my hat.”
                      She said, “Now I’m starting to fly!”


                      Mandy flies off down the street,
                      Smiling gaily at all she meets
                      “I’m high, I can fly!”
                      She said with a sigh
                      Of joyous delight. How sweet!


                      Mongloose had a moment of doubt
                      “I fear she is still in a prout.
                      But one never does know
                      How these healing rhymes flow
                      Before long she’ll be up and about.”

                      :yahoo_idk: :heart:


                        We seem to have strayed with this wave
                        So far from Sanso’s cave
                        That I fear I forgot
                        To where we had got
                        With this friggen emo wave.


                        “Fear not!” A voice appeared
                        Sanso’s cave will always be near.
                        It’s round the bend,
                        The latest trend!
                        You know there is nothing to fear!”



                        Funny, thought Yurick.
                        A little bit earlier he had been distracted out of a sentence by an eerie outline of New Zealand islands on the front of a shop in a nearby street, which had reminded him of their friend Finn.

                        But now his attention was unexpectedly caught as he was passing by the bank’s corporate logo in the other side of the street.
                        That creature looks oddly familiar


                        Passing through the security cordon of the giant spiders had been relatively easy, thanks to the indications telepathically passed down to them by the Snoot .
                        With Anita on her back, Yurmaela the gruffoon had come back to the borgulm tree where Claude had been left to watch. After a moment of surprise at the unexpected apparition, he didn’t take long to decide whether he wanted to stay or not and had jumped on the broad back with the little smiling girl who was grabbing on the coarse hair of the beast.

                        Keep you energies and your attention close to us, said Yurmaela Just like Akayli is doing with your parents, Anu. Though they have plenty of eyes, the giant spiders mostly rely on their energy perception, and they won’t see you if you stay within our energy field.

                        A few minutes later, they were all standing in front of the growirling wortex, partially masked by the bark of the huge babul tree, which was standing out with its massive appearance. Flames of what seemed to be dark floating matter were pulsating very slowly, enhancing the thumping sound of their hearts.

                        Ready to come back home sweet Anu? Akayli said fondly to the little girl?
                        Yes, it was so much fun you all came to play with me… I’d want you to stay with me.
                        What do you say? asked Claude They ain’t coming?
                        This reality had a special design which allowed us to project very easily here said Yurmaela very softly in that reality of you, and Anita and Akita; as for now, the barrier in that reality is thicker than it is here.
                        But we are always present around Anu, you know that said Akayli kneeling down to wrap his spotted furry arms around the little girl
                        Yes I know she was smiling And I miss my parents too
                        So let’s go, the wortex will close any moment now


                        ~ It’s dark here ~

                        Focus on our voices, continue to follow the flow…
                        I think I can hear something…
                        It’s like rain…

                        Yes, just like the rain a dreamy voice answered the little girl


                        Tikfijikoo was in sight, washed by strong winds and pouring rain.
                        Hopefully, the major part of cyclone Ycart has passed.
                        A faint smile briefly illuminated Mahiliki’s face at the thought of soon being reunited with his love.

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