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      As we see some syncs about “ten” and “X”, it occurred to me that “X” is for “close” too.
      So closing the “Circle of Eights” thread sounded more and more like the thing to do.
      To me, to close is not the same as to end; like a program, you can re-run it later, or like a book reopen it. Stories can be inserted again; and for one, the Jorid explorations of Georges and Salome will continue too.

      It’s not a close down, it’s a close up; a new breath for inspiration, and a new breadth for ideas.

      X is closer than you think, but also a promise of a fresh start :)
      Feel free to dive in first :)

      Your friendly Sumafreak

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        Ahaha, and I just notice the random quote change:

        Dr Bronklehampton just put the finishing touch on his last work of art.


          Interesting we shifted a bit before the comment # 2012


            A little precision about the “word cloud” and the “random quote”.

            The word cloud takes everything (all discussions, even those extraneous to the stories) into account, up to 300 something comments from the now moment. So the story thread shift didn’t affect it.

            The random quote was initially taken from the Circle of Eights’ thread only. I slightly changed the program recently so that it’ll pick up randomly from either this thread or the new one.


              Speaking of the cloud:

              learn non mostly managed — strong piglets process / warm listen girl — reality let start others thought — unexpected longer story growing waiting escape


                Started a new thread, so that people who weren’t comfortable re-using our previous characters can use it for that purpose, as there were quite a few synchs with the stories at the Kryon event in Madrid — the mad doctor and the beauty treatments (he even did some dancing in a sort of leotard that might have been as close as a tutu as he could allow himself to wear ahahah), magpies sightings, the translator was named Roger, there was a lady named Peggy (probably her real name was T’Eggy) and we managed to have Geoffidoo say “watermelon” (we’re expecting Tobidoo to do the same at the next monthly event)… and also met Pedro the Universe


                  :yahoo_big_grin: “unexpected longer story growing waiting escape” :bulb:

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