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The GPS was indicating that she was getting closer every minute. She was at less than 8 minutes as the crow flies from the island.
She had to make a small detour to avoid the now less powerful but still dangerous cyclone Ycart, but all was under control.
The night had fallen upon her like a bird of prey, and cloaked in the velvety shadows, she smiled, baring her teeth full of squashed mosquitoes.

All absorbed by the blinking lights of the GPS, and her head full of the roar of the wind and the raging sea, she sadly didn’t notice the hydroplane coming from her left at full speed.
The shock was brutal, and Madam Chesterhope got ejected from her motorbike which went with her alongside, spiraling down until crashed into the ocean.



We hit something! the distraught pilot shouted to Mahiliki.
Drawing his knife again, thinking of how close he was now to dear sweet Vera, he shouted back “any damage? how close are we now?”
“Seems OK, but what about the thing we hit?”
“Bugger it! Move!”