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When he had heard the others discuss around the campfire the possibility to ask help from the owners of the island, Claude knew he had to focus back on his mission. He had finally managed to escape the clutches of that mad doctor and his witches, not to be sheepishly brought back to them again.

And that little girl seemed to know better than stay here. Despite her tender age, Claude could tell she was well guided, and didn’t really need his being a bodyguard for her family.
And Akita, well, he was a soldier, and knew how to take care of himself. Surely, the V girl wouldn’t be as tough as those giant spiders they fought on the parallel island.

So, without more hesitation, in a move of preternatural swiftness and stealthiness, Claude disappeared again in the forest.
He knew he had to find his contact on the island. The bee-man.


Mavis! About bloddy time!… Ooooh, look at that… went hunting, have you…
— and kept that quiet too, little black ‘orse. Ye could do the introducing, can’t you?

Sha and Glo, rendered a bit irritated by their itching were eying the stranger coming with Mavis with a curiosity drown in envy.