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Veranassessee cursed under her breath. Her mind was working swiftly, weighing up her next actions. The Doctor was becoming a liability to the success of the project.

iko va baba bula makuba she muttered.

She made her decision.


Agent V, he said. I have been expecting your call.

Operation Spider is in danger. I need instructions.

We can’t abort at this stage, it has gone too far. He thought for a moment. Mobilise plan B.

One more thing you need to know, I have seen evidence of increased Magpie activity in the locality.

He swore softly. Are you sure?

Pretty sure, they are keeping undercover, shapeshifting, but I sense their presence.

Bugger those thieves. I feared they would sniff this out …. keep me posted Agent V

Will do.

And Agent V …. good work.

Veranassessee felt a moment’s pleasure at his unaccustomed praise, quickly fading at the tremendous racket coming from the cupboard behind her.


This aint bloody right Glor.

We’ve been here for bloody hours, my lumbago’s playing up something dreadful

‘Ark Glor! I thought I ‘eard a noise

oh let’s shout out, on the count of three