• Known Affiliation: Reality Play
  • Dimension of origin: Earth, Sri Lanka
  • First seen in comment #(945) (from Story: Circle of Eights, Stories)
  • Essence(s): Orgetak

Gayesh is likely to be:

  • A Director in the Facility in which Becky finds herself cloned and emotionally embroiled.
    Sri Lankan geneticist Dr. Gayesh Sitharaya, whose interest (or intent) dwelt in exploring the multiplicity of one individual’s aspects.
    Becky Prime leaves him with Becky Tooh, and probably her own extensive progeny.
  • Gayesh, Nishanti’s eldest brother in 2026 who died of poisonous red berries

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Gayesh Sitharaya, Gayesh
Categories: Reality Play
Type person
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