Ooh Dimension

The Ooh Dimension: It would be outside the constraints of this discussion, and the motivation of this writer, to list all the words within the Ooh Dimension so the writer will attempt to briefly summarise. The language of the Ooh Dimension is distinguished by its spelling, vocubarly and pronunciation. While those from the Ooh dimension have a verbal and written communication very similar to the language written and spoken in the Earth Dimension, the main distinguishing characteristic is the recurrent use of the sound “ooh”. This use of the “ooh” tends to be arbitrary and random, at the discretion and whim of the one doing the communicating. The randomness of the use of the “ooh” is one of the more delightful qualities of this language. Grammatically the language of the Ooh Dimension is very similar to that of the Earth Dimension. This could change, of coose.

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