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      Best known in Oorth (Dimension of Ooh) for his best selloor Words of Comfort for the Descending, a groot philosoopher and wool of wisdoom, Erwin P Lemone has made a few delightful and abysmally profoond aphorisms that needed a proper anthology.

      Be it the place for such an endeavoor.

      A few quotes

      “Sometimes it takes a single sniggly thorny path to go through to reach Elysian avenues much more efficiently” — ID850

      “rainy wedding, merry marriage” — ID1183

      “Better speak nonsense than be dead or sorry” — ID1644

      “It’s not the writer’s job to piece the stuff life is made of together, it’s the job of the reader.” — ID1661

      “A new-born book is like a little baby, except it smells only of ink, and doesn’t make spurious sounds” (said at an interview with journalist Finckle Frettle on Oo-TV)

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        “When it’s too elaborate, it’s too weirdo, and when it’s pure delirium, it’s increasingly rubbish” — ID1776

        “Clarify certain aspects, and take responsibility for how your energy is displayed, and do not rely on the machine to do it.” — ID1851

        “You all notice a change in vowellness of your Ooniverse. Even those who are unaware notice a changing shift in vowellness. This is a new emergence into a wonderful vowellness that you have all agreed and decided to accomplish.” — ID1857


          “Clarify certain aspects, and take responsibility for how your energy is displayed, and do not rely on the machine to do it.” ID1851

          “It’s all what the plumbing part is about actually; why it feels significant to me now: it’s the connective aspect…” ID1904

          “Modesty is when you know you are perfect, but you never go further than telling that.” ID1904


            From the Aah alternate Aniverse, some words from Lemane

            “I think that’s one of the reason why I don’t really appreciate Xmas, because of that sickening tradobligation of buying crappy stuff, but as long as you’re on facegoat, I can send good karma to you.” ID1945

            pftlabaltloup that’s the Samari word for what I wanted to say: it may sound a little dismissive, but it’s pronounced fruit-lab-at-loop. Indeed; ‘fruit’ because the emails like snoot fruits, ‘lab’ for the extraction of the quintessence, and ‘loop’ to keep in loop… And we are complete.” ID1945


              From the Eights’ Shift new settings

              “Take advantage of the Beast’s sleep to have some.”
              From How to Sing Like a Bird in Fifty Three Relatively Easy Lessons by Eremurus LemonID2047

              “We’re all nuts anyway; different flavours thereof, but nuts nonetheless, peanuts, peacan or up the wall-nuts” Eremus LemonID2061

              “One would find it strange how people cling to their discomfort, going in as much length as by saying it’s good to suffer uninteresting bitching because it’s a sort of untold proof there is shift happening…” from Ewko Lemin’s Whizzing Away in a Blue FlashID2064


                This one is not a Lemone quote but could have been.
                It’s from a series called Perception (S03E05)

                Daniel: Think of your life as a story. Actually, you already do.
                fMRI studies show us that following a story, a narrative with a beginning, middle, and end causes our brains to release cortisol and oxytocin.
                These chemicals give us the uniquely human ability to connect with someone, even a total stranger, and empathize. In other words, stories are what we use to find meaning in our lives.
                Now, imagine for a moment that we lived without the understanding that our story must eventually end.
                What if our lives were as infinite as the universe, if the ticking clock never stopped?
                What would our story be then? Would we… still love? Or care?
                Would those tiny, fleeting moments that mean everything… Mean anything at all?

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