• Known Affiliation: Regional Area 51
  • Dimension of origin: Earth, Pacific Ocean, Sarcastic Sea
  • First seen in comment #(458) (from Story: Circle of Eights, Stories)

A mysterious island in the Sarcastic Sea, past the Bermuda Triangle, holding promises of adventures, sexiness, mystery and unmingled zany to the enlightened faithful few.

Due to its frequent reoccurrence throughout key plot times, it’s likely to be an energetic nexus, which is why techromancers can be found there, along with giant spiders, time-travelling castaways and their ghost dogs, thrill-seeking crystal skulls chaser and mad doctors.

It might also be due to the fact it exists in an atoll archipelago of thousands of similarly named islands.

Tifikijoo, Tifijikoo
Type: location

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