• Known Affiliation: Flying Fish Inn
  • Dimension of origin: Earth, Australia, the Bush
  • First seen in comment #(4666) (from Story: The Chronicles of the Flying Fish Inn)
  • Timeframe: 2010s
  • Essence(s): Tiku
  • Essence Families: Zumold/Furafi
  • Colour(s): Gold
  • Totem animal(s): Goanna

An aboriginal lady leaving a few klicks away from the Inn and the old mining town.

She enjoys a simple life in the bush and sometimes bring delicious hunted lizards to her neighbours for special occasions.

Granola has been known to be able to pop-in quite directly through her, due to Tiku’s shamanistic capabilities, thin veil through the Dreamtime, and Tiku and Granola sharing the same essence.

Type: person

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