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    Will no doubt wander back over here later……going to catch up on some sleep :yahoo_whistling:

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    I had no idea that Russian mushrooms would prove to be such an interesting subject…..

    Vladimir Soloukhin:

    While you are sorting out the mushrooms you recall each one, where you found it, how you first saw it, how it was growing beneath this bush or that tree. Once again you experience the pleasure of each discovery, particularly if they were rare and fortunate discoveries. Once again all the images of the mushroom forest drift through your mind, all the secluded wooded spots, where you are no longer, but where the dark firs still lour and the crimson-touched aspens speak their language in low breath.


    And another snippet about crystal skulls…..
    “….if you wish to project
    your mentality and blend your consciousness with the idea of the
    consciousness of the civilization that has created it, so that you may
    in a sense, follow them, you will have to form a blending with all of
    yourself. That is, let us say, the safeguard, the lock and the key. In
    that an individual who cannot come to terms with the blending of all
    portions of their personality will not be able to enter the door.”


    We ate risotto with mushrooms this noon with Eric…
    Hope I won’t see too much Russian Dead Writers :mummy:


    tjmarshall57: hahahaha as if it’s not bad enough with the weeding, now poor girl has blotches all over her face!
    tjmarshall57: wedding not weeding
    tjmarshall57: do russian wear velis?
    tjmarshall57: veils
    tjmarshall57: hhhm, blessing by a shaman, plaiting together of the couples hair….(is Becky still blad?)
    tjmarshall57: The biggest concern at the wedding is to have enough liquor. A Russian Wedding is an event where everybody must be drunk. No one will be surprised if people drink themselves to unconscious on the wedding – and many do.
    tjmarshall57: well, that will appeal to Sean
    tjmarshall57: You are probably surprised to find out that a Russian wedding lasts for 2 days!! (Well, at least. Some weddings last as long as a week, and this is something to be proud of and remember for years: it means the couple had enough liquor to go on and on, and enough devoted friends to stay.)
    tjmarshall57: The Russian church ceremony is colorful and solemn but the complete traditional ceremony is very long, and as guests and the couple have to stand during the ceremony (there are no benches in Russian churches at all; people must stand during all church services), faints are not rare.
    tjmarshall57: right, so a fair amount of fainting and drunkeness then
    tjmarshall57: Then the witnesses continue running the wedding, reading jokes and poems, and sometimes asking the new couple questions to make fun of them.
    tjmarshall57: Franci will you be my witness, you’d be perfect
    tjmarshall57: “Za molodykh!” (“For the newlywed!”)
    tjmarshall57: Traditionally money is considered as the best gift, and is given in an envelope. Some time after the beginning of the reception when people start to become drunk the witnesses will ask everybody to give their gifts and one of the witnesses will collect envelopes from the rest of the guests with a tray.
    tjmarshall57: Then people have time to dance. First dance is opened by the new couple. After the music starts, there is no exact script anymore, and witnesses can relax a little. They still occasionally announce a toast but do not entertain the guests with jokes and poems; guests by this time are already having lots of fun and are able to entertain themselves.

    Movements become quite hectic; some people go out “to refresh”, and at some moment in this movement the bride gets… “stolen”! She disappears, and when the groom starts looking for her, he is faced with a request for a ransom. Usually it’s his buddies who “steal” the bride. A more or less short wrangle about the amount, and he can have his new wife back. But he must watch out – the bride sometimes may be stolen a few times!

    tjmarshall57: right, so we have drunkeness, fainting, jokes, poems and insults, and theft and abduction
    tjmarshall57: Then there are the bride’s friends – they steal the bride’s shoe. The groom must pay ransom for the shoe too – the guests enjoy watching wrangles.
    tjmarshall57: Often guests leave the wedding in such a condition that they cannot remember what happened. If this was the case with the majority of guests, then the wedding was a huge success
    tjmarshall57: AHA! This is the key! I will write about it after the wedding, when nobody can remeber anything about it
    tjmarshall57: Day two of the wedding:After the meal the bride must “clean” the floor in the room. The fun part is that guests are allowed to mess as much as they want while she is cleaning
    tjmarshall57: another part for you!
    tjmarshall57: guests on a Russian wedding enjoy it much more than the newlywed couple who are all the time made fools of.
    tjmarshall57: The most popular period for wedding ceremonies in Russia was between the Christmas and Shrovetide (a week before the spring fast). This period was called the wedding period.
    tjmarshall57: well, the timing is right
    tjmarshall57: One of the many superstitions still prevailing among the peasant population of Russia is that, on the occasion of a marriage, the happiness of the newly-married couple is not assured unless the parents of the contracting parties are soaked with water from head to foot. When a marriage takes place in summer this is easily accomplished by ducking the fathers and mothers in the nearest river, but in winter they are laid on the ground and rolled in the snow.
    tjmarshall57: who are the parents?
    tjmarshall57: Among the Koraks of Siberia a young man seeks for a maiden with considerable dowry in the form of rein-deer
    tjmarshall57: oh, well we can have psychoactive reindeer pies, anyway
    tjmarshall57: Kovalevsky has well shown that many of the marriage customs of this country are survivals from a primitive and prehistoric age when the woman ruled the household and had more than one husband.
    tjmarshall57: hhmmmm
    tjmarshall57: it all points to a distant age when the matriarchal system prevailed, and the brother was his sister’s guardian. In Little Russia the brother’s sword is decked with the red berries of the rowan tree, red being the emblem of maidenhood.
    tjmarshall57: red fruit sync!
    tjmarshall57: no wonder I threw the cherries away!
    tjmarshall57: ahahahahha!
    franci_free: oh hrllo
    franci_free: goodness
    franci_free: will need to read back
    tjmarshall57: hahahah oh there you are
    franci_free: well what a complicated theme
    tjmarshall57: haahah well
    franci_free: you will have to write about the wedding
    tjmarshall57: the key to the whole thing is that everyone was so drunk that nobody can remeber any of it aftrwards
    franci_free: hahahah
    franci_free: great!
    tjmarshall57: thats my angle, I think
    tjmarshall57: and s few things fit perfectly
    tjmarshall57: the red fruit
    tjmarshall57: the time of year
    tjmarshall57: the drunkeness, Sean will love that
    franci_free: the splotches?
    tjmarshall57: well, nobody will remeber that
    tjmarshall57: afterwards


    The wolf in Cuthberts dream came from the Dreaming Methods bulletin received yesterday. Dreaming Methods is the website connected to Bill Johnson ( Bill Jobsworth connection in the story; the itinerant artist), the Yorkshire stone head carver.


    Not quite sure if there’s a story sync here yet, but there are a couple of Edward Gorey syncs: I read one of his books last week that I’d bought on impulse from the 2nd hand bookshop a few weeks ago, and a blog friend posted that today is his birthday. At Dale’s energy games last week I had a conversation with his pencil drawn characters…..Oh and half of the book of his that I read was written in Limericks…..


    I read about George the parrot in the newspaper today:

    “…whenever George dozes off, he loses his balance and falls off his perch, squawking “Bloody Hell!” in surprise.”


    I was looking at the picture of the girl and her face kept morphing into the face of my brother!


    Arkandin confirmed a group focus in Kuzhebar. He also confirmed that I’m observing Edward Gorey (the limerick connection). Oh, and the girl IS my brother!

    Excavations and underground tunnels in Sri Lanka …….

    :yahoo_loser: Points! :yahoo_party:


    Katie impression: I have a focus as Raquella which reminds me of Tikfijikoo and the experiments….


    “The FBI believed that many New Left leaders had a weakness for spiritualist mumbo-jumbo, so a 1968 memo suggested mailing them anonymous cartoons such as the one pictured here (scroll down)

    Subsequent mailings (from increasingly closer locations) could say “The Siberian Beetle is Black” or “The Siberian Beetle Can Talk.” Other proposed characters included “The Chinese Scorpion” and “The Egyptian Cobra”–anything with a sinister meaning open to mystical interpretation. According to FBI documents, the messages were intended to cause concern, mental anguish, suspicion, and distrust among their recipients.” –Brian Boling

    “…..on another occasion, an agent noted the counterculture’s ‘‘yen for magic’‘ and proposed that the F.B.I. send carefully chosen targets a series of drawings with ‘‘mystical’‘ or ‘‘sinister’‘ overtones. His suggestions included a drawing of a beetle, which would be made all the more ‘‘sinister’‘ by its caption, ‘‘The Siberian Beetle Can Talk.’‘ In theory, the perplexed recipients’ efforts to interpret ‘‘the significance of the . . . message’‘ would paralyze them with ‘‘mental anguish.’‘ In fact, such missives proved more laughable than harmful.”

    Beetle sync (with last nights Indian takeaway )……and a sync with my most recent comment about Elvira’s days as an investigator….


    Booked tickets today for Cirque du Soleil in Malaga for July 4th! :bounce:

    Quidam: a nameless passer-by, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person rushing past. It could be anyone, anybody. Someone coming, going, living in our anonymous society. A member of the crowd, one of the silent majority. The one who cries out, sings and dreams within us all. This is the “quidam” that Cirque du Soleil is celebrating.

    A young girl fumes; she has already seen everything there is to see, and her world has lost all meaning. Her anger shatters her little world, and she finds herself in the universe of Quidam. She is joined by a joyful companion as well as another character, more mysterious, who will attempt to seduce her with the marvelous, the unsettling, and the terrifying.

    Check out the characters


    Googled rainbow snake and found Ezili Danto and her daughter Anais

    Ezili Danto loves dolls. People often give her dolls as gifts ….. She is the most perfect mother one could wish to have….. Anais often serves as Ezili Danto’s translator and interpreter.

    Haitian Vodou:

    Danbala, the patriarchal serpent divinity, is an ancient water spirit associated with rain, wisdom, and fertility. He is usually entwined with his wife Ayida Wedo, the rainbow. Danbala is often represented as St. Patrick (who mastered the serpents of Ireland), and sometimes as the patriarchal Moses holding the Ten Commandments. In many temples, a permanent basin of water is maintained for this lwa. Many representations include Danbala’s main sacrificial food— an egg .




    tjmarshall (3/6/2008 12:43): Here : Wrick!!!
    :notepad: Wyrick’s documented interests, besides mound exploration and surveying, included geo-magnetism, anomalous boulders, river terraces, beaver dams and sorghum processing. Wyrick is an archaeologist and had access to the site, he could easily place the stone in an area of his choosing and simply “discover” it the next day.
    (Newark Decalogue Stone)


    the CREATIVe Act
    Badul could be a fiction character.
    It has its own independent entity, although it has no defined

    Badul is the action-space-time unit
    and an harmonic fluid of generating rhythm

    Badul is a scale, a range,
    the (one and only) scale, palette. It’s the power to choose, no
    limits, no catalogues.

    The day I discovered Badul I was unconscious. I only knocked at a door
    without knocking.
    And it came to light the pure

    Maybe a
    The consecution of acts, part of arevelation?

    Badul is finding, fruitful searching, the living blow.
    If you know it,
    you’ll recognize it.
    If you recognize yourself in it,
    Badul will always be on your side.


    I had a dream last night that Arkandin told me to pay closer attention to ‘pop-in’ websites


    The milage on the car on the way home tonight was 022222. :yahoo_star:


    I just googled 2nd Dynasty
    Arkandin just confirmed Elioctyl is a focus of mine, who was a 2nd dynasty mummy, who left the country…….:footsteps: :mummy: :world:

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