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    This is a new game: choose from the current random comment, and its following comments, and only deleting some words, sentences, letters, bits here and there… let a different story be written. You have to incorporate at least a few words from each comment you’re passing through. Only one daily entry per writer (reusing another writer’s current random thread is allowed though taking turns is encouraged), so that it keeps weaving a new story. Of course, if you don’t like the rules, you can play in other threads instead. Don’t forget this is the Del’Eight thread, where DEL is key.

    #1664 Elizabeth was beginning to realize that there WAS no road.
    Whenever she found herself following another, she didn’t want it.
    Perhaps it was rough and coarse, plain and functional. Some were together somehow.

    It really was the most fabulously absorbing babbling,…

    “How long now?”

    Yann couldn’t help but laugh. She would choose… some of them are so slippery…

    SPLASH! warmly as Flove was.

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    #87 Quintin had a woman near London ~ a strange small replicate, put here for gracious officials. Strangely linked to the story, was Dory. The other participants didn’t really expect this quaint dream…

    Dory made Quintin in Madagascar for the first time. Funny, but now they seemed to connect to Arona. Malvina disappeared, and once again Arona found this quite irritating. She could barely remember the music.

    Really, things are shifting. In the name of heaven use magic I Scream or something!

    A Man emerged from Arona’s lap. This is great, more comfortable than the ground.

    Oh cute, said Arona, a talking Man, love your cape by the way.

    Arona stroked Man. It was all feeling heat and humidity… and especially her hunger. Man sighed in an eggs sort of a way. She exclaimed delightedly, hugging the Man.

    [¹] Note from the editor: Man being a noble reader


    Dory was dry, with strange hard shoulders and face. Her shawl finally surfaced flapping in time to a cloud of dust.

    PPFFT! I’m all on my own. Dory was momentarily speechless.


    (same random quote as above link #87)

    Actually, thinking of Dory made Quintin remember:

    “They are really bit rude around here”.


    Dory stretched and yawned, and took in in a cloud of dust.

    Dory wondered out loud if she should have an older man with curly grey hair and a long maroon djelaba and a tall narrow brimless black hat and watch him get laid.

    I am so easy really, she thought giving it a last fond stroke. She finally surfaced from the flapping tangle of cloth just in time to see a group of people squatting next to a large oblong hole in the ground.

    PFFFFFT! Deserted again.

    Dory was getting bored waiting for this motley crew, looking slightly bemused, but smiling happily, she set off in search of Dory.


    #36 Hells Bells
    Arona had some dragon into the darkness, she was off the edge.



    Al woke up deranged. He was in the middle of the bushes, unable to move and scantily clad.

    Good thing too that the joggers in the park noticed!

    Embarrassing, he reckoned.

    Moments later, after some voice messages on his telephone from Becky, he was still incapacitated.


    Just as Becky was retorting to Al to please become completely transparent, Becky giggled, suddenly seeing the Wet Tarty Nun.

    “My God, what the fuck is that?”



    Moments later, after a good shower, Sam and Tina moaned, giggled, suddenly couldn’t get much wetter.

    Arona, while she was free as a wing said she was thoroughly disliking it, though she wasn’t really sure if she was.

    Vincentius was confident she would be alright.


    Al was visibly deranged finding Becky scantily clad. Well, wait for him to shave, he smiled. Becky might eat some nuts, wondering why she had not thought of that in the first place. Becky had always been reluctant, or perhaps just forgetful.

    A clap made her moan in a silky voice, she felt energy crawl underneath her sabulmantium. It was Man, a distinctive pack of magic. What an impossible florid and baroque little marmoset playing a mouth harp.

    Arona felt like beating dragons. She almost stopped in anticipation of a pile of conic shaped dirty sand, soil from the cave, the dragons doing. They are disagreeable kind of creature, made her dizzy.

    The dragons had disappeared. Arona snapped to no one in particular, you will see how easy it is to come back if you feel so inclined.

    At her touch, the dragon started to enclose a circle of sand, a curvy symbol.

    The interior of the cave was out of focus, in all its splendor…

    Fuck the babbled excuses, her own sloppy children wearing a potatoes sack. Sure Gabriele had noticed that nurse Bellamy in my room. Professional women made silky rope disappear.

    Sure, more security, she had to be more careful about Barbella Bee-hive. I don’t like that Barbella. Perhaps it’s the kinky wrists tying games…



    Marie put the the perfect husband down. She was looking for a rope and tied it to the door handle while she went for the knees, thankful for the power.

    In exchange for some strange things, it had been agreed that Franiel’s angel met Derwent, a very ordinary mortal. Bit disappointed, she chuckled. Most of the others are lovely and colorful.



    In exchange for some strange things, it had been agreed that Franiel’s angel met Derwent, a very ordinary mortal. Bit disappointed, she chuckled. Most of the others are lovely and colorful.



    “And so, my deep melodic voice did soothe 123 white ferrets streaking through the airport lounge.” she said.

    Becky was inspired by the courageous example of Finn.


    a bluish little girl was unaware of what was happening but she was drawn to singing in the tall grass.


    The advertisement said “Do You have the Ability to Feel a Scout?”

    Annabel Ingman beamed, delighted. Four perfect guys and 57 more to love! I can’t wait to start!

    It was quite thrilling and new.

    “Focus on fun. Say whatever you want, and you’ll be Oliver Twist on Friday.”



    Tina was happy and winked. Her mind was made up. She was leaving tonight. She took a key and some nuts, squirrels, and a bit of chalk.

    She ran, but was stopped in her tracks by a wall and a heavenly creature.



    ON THE STREETS OF THE thieving ladies you got Magpies. I know magpies, and it’s looking good, you courageous co-Marshall finely dressed woman, victim of your gentle self no more. I will save you from listening.

    :magpie: :magpie: :magpie: :magpie: :magpie:

    You and me is of mutual benefit. I will let you be my eyes for we could all be laughing DURING THE REIGN of Marshall.



    Her thinking promised life to those trying something different and now such a thing was possible. There was an atrocious dry mixture of plants to ingest which grew in the cemeteries of the Wise Ones, mixed with an herb from her father, Captain of the Tentacles. Very respected, he had a radiating power.

    :yahoo_good_luck: :yahoo_good_luck: :yahoo_good_luck: :yahoo_good_luck:

    Dory had enjoyed a young wanderer, no need to beat her for that. Becky was very exciting and she barely knew where to start. One that had attracted her was Aratta, before she got stuck to a cushion. She was barely able to move, Dan had to calm her down.

    I’m awfully embarrassed, but I’m stuck!


    Oh dear! It’s natural, after all you decided to dance with what was coming….




    People who unlock this chamber will also wonder: do we know Becky?
    She decided to explain about analytical sounds. Obliviousness had seen her smile in other interesting roles of her focus Lola Finn. In the need to feel her warm body, a small shower of thought had cleared now, and everything had a gentle sigh.



    the voice was feeling liquid. Leörmn wouldn’t change the exit of that egg.

    Since many of his abilities were quite perfect the only difficulty was to follow any egg.

    And the egg was in another one from which the girl drifted off to sleep, despite the sounds of the camels, and then it turned into one of those heart shape!

    “BUGGER THISDory was singing ‘Bugger this’ to Arona rolling around laughing.



    Prim wandered through the Fountains of Tea thoughtfully. Gay smiled, and snorted with a sinister chuckle, leave it to uncle. Things are coming together in a Glamour Bomb knot today, it’s hot.


    There was a light on in the office. Perhaps the sun doesn’t shine?

    Finnley cheered up Elizabeth and offered congratulations to the others not chosen to succeed.

    “Listen to your heart and remember that I sprinkle you with bottled water.”

    She had no idea what happened, but she suspected a couple of guests locked in the closet, and on the run, had been tiring. As Dr Lemane, the sniggley one said, “It’s a bit odd, don’t you think?”



    Who the bloody hell is Becky Huh? Well, the same I’ve been waiting for AGES well after her long absence. Poor thing seemed to think it was he, Sanso.

    Search for Ted got the head of Becky.

    Twilight in your mind. wig is just great Bekkie ; a variation of a variation of you look ; terrible!

    Nurse insisted in more intimate moments of course.


    “Jig up in a tree!” Armelle said quickly, scratching her wings on top of the grinning Snoot.

    “The Snoot has been expecting those nasty buggers”, Gloria said sadly as a magpie started to wave.

    STAY CLEAR!” the magpie giggled. She beamed at Gloria. The confusion was now clear. She could feel it. She could consume it and become one with Armelle and the Snoot and Yuki and Rafaela , Anita, the spiders, Akayli, the werelynx, the mummified parents, Claude.

    “The good thing is”, the Snoot whispered to Armelle, “you may have noticed i am twice my usual size and I may be more than happy to lend Al Becky’s children, ingested a few days before the conception”.


    Sanso, flushed, was certainly an eye opener.

    The little girl starting to understand, replied with a very good question.

    “How do you know the center of everything?”

    Sanso was grinning. “I love goldfish!”

    “What do you mean?” Zhaana wasn’t sure.

    “They just appear so i notice them”, said Sanso. “Then you have some more peanuts”.

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