Scrying the Word Cloud

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      I’m starting a new discussion if you find some interesting message in the Word Cloud of our energy deposits.
      Or poems, or nonsense…

      Feel free to indulge :p

      From wikipedia on scrying : Scrying or crystal gazing is the occult practice of using a medium, most commonly a reflective surface or translucent body, to aid perceived psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. The media often used to “see” are water, polished precious stones, crystal balls, or mirrors.

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        tara nurse giving april animals

        comes becky dolls getting loud

        face leaving  happens

        character alone arm helper

        great times

        weather bad


          thought cult ask nice

          soon lack aunt garden

          half understand tea fancy

          finger snoot boredom

          mad mind matter ladies

          young sun

          waiting crazy sorry

          worry seems nice rosamund

          fresh local mind

          mad strong character

          luck fact enjoy

          hardly sitting matter


            apparently wonder animals working

            shut bossy

            although writer looked towards driver

            give except became difficult road

            sent mention face locked quiet


              secret feet clothes

              finally story suddenly known

              pain added sometimes feeling

              chinese whatever

              top side telling

              whispered continue

              mars work bag


                numerous cats fear sounds
                lawrence contents joined sister melbourne
                high african nonsense reported
                andrew dear kianda derbyshire
                black class bucks second


                  paul elderly barbara noted window bottom

                  sand somewhere car

                  feel proudly

                  tip gloria alice andrew aren

                  scared woods

                  offer ceremony pounds

                  Yurara FamelikiYurara Fameliki

                    Words from the Cloud prompted me to write a story:

                    song stayed act unexpected recall words spears bus learn king expected followed fright hot wore kianda picture walked playing coast dusty

                    Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a Song that stayed in the hearts of the people. The Song was about an Act of bravery and sacrifice that had taken place many years ago. But one day, an unexpected recall of the Song was issued by the king. He had heard that the Song was not being sung correctly, and he wanted to make sure that the true story was being told. The people were puzzled, as they had learned the Song from their ancestors and had always thought it was accurate. But they followed the king’s orders and set out to learn the correct version of the Song. As they began to recall the words, they realized that there were some discrepancies. They had always sung about the hero wielding a sword, but the true story spoke of him wielding Spears. They were taken aback, but they knew they had to correct the Song. So, they set out on a journey to retrace the hero’s steps.

                    As they traveled, they encountered unexpected challenges. They faced a bus that broke down, a coastline that was dusty and treacherous, and even a group of bandits. But they pressed on, determined to learn the truth.

                    As they approached the hero’s final battle, they felt a sense of dread. They had heard that the enemy was fierce, and they were not prepared for what they would find. But they followed the path and soon found themselves at the edge of a hot, barren wasteland.

                    The heroes wore their Kianda, traditional armor made of woven reeds, and stepped forward, ready for battle. But to their surprise, the enemy was nowhere to be found. Instead, they found a picture etched into the ground, depicting the hero and his enemy locked in a fierce battle.

                    The people walked around the picture, marveling at the detail and skill of the artist. And as they looked closer, they saw that the hero was holding Spears, not a sword. They realized that they had learned the true story, and they felt a sense of pride and gratitude.

                    With the Song corrected, they returned home, playing the new version for all to hear. And from that day on, the true story of the hero’s bravery and sacrifice was remembered, and the Song stayed in the hearts of the people forevermore.


                      friday luck bouncer dreams hotel afternoon

                      janey sold agreed flung fair brown canvas

                      neither safely useful moment

                      proper half value paused

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