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Day of the Dead soon, Leo, might be a good day to go through that door” Bea said.

“Well that’s the day that Baked Bean Barb is coming round with that book she found, Bea” replied Leonora.

“She can come with us, the more the merrier eh! We could have a bit of a party you know, maybe have a bonfire on the top of the mound and then go through the door, might be fun.”

“It’s all very well you saying we’ll just go through the door, Bea, but it’s not that easy.”

“Why not?”

“Because it isn’t a door, that’s why! It’s a pile of boulders blocking a cave entrance!”

“All the more reason to invite lots of people to the party then! It will be a boulder moving out of the way of the door party, and when the door way is clear, we can all go through it. Aren’t you dying of curiosity to see what’s inside that mound?”

“Yeah, I am. And we have to do it soon, because Jose will be back and then we’ll have to move. Might not be so easy then. Ok, let’s go for it. I’ll make a list who to invite.”

“Some nice big strong strapping lads is what we need.”

“No kidding”

“To move the boulders, I meant” Bea said, rolling her eyes.