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Veranassesee woke up in a cold sweat.

She’d just found the treatment!For the stupid trio of the island who went all hairy after the strange experiments.
Of course, she wasn’t privy to the Doctor’s manipulations, being only here for security reasons, but one of her best assets was a knack for observation, and spotting of details.

What was the difference between the last seen alive not-become-hairy patient of the Doctor and the three Graces?

Easy as pie! Number IV had been mummified and not the others! Of course, not exactly disemboweled and put aside for brining… of course not. But wrapped tightly into bandages made of coconut coir. The coarseness of the bandages might have acted as a hair substitute during the transformation.

She had to find a means to tell the divas before it’s too late!

“Oh, forget it,” she yawned. She was really too tired for that; and probably praying for them would be the best she could do.