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    October 12 th

    Lots of movements have been started, movements of expansion, and the joint efforts and ventures took off for new exciting potentials when the migration to the new “expanded sandbox” (as playfully expressed by Quintin) has been completed.
    Interestingly, it has been relatively painless and quick in both the find of the perfect “method”, and the perfect “tools”. In noticing how the feelings where acting as a compass that was telling him whether he was in the right direction or not, and in trusting them, Quintin has incorporated that tool without previous knowledge of its potential use. He just knew it was right.
    And so it is.

    October 16 th

    My dear friend Elias has expressed some time ago this, which may be interesting for the adventurers to read and see how it applies to them…

    “I expressed to you at our last meeting that some focuses continue each other as ‘sequels’ of books. … They are continuations, so to speak. Although they are not accomplished linearly, you may view them as continuing chapters of the same story. In this, they would be considered parallel focuses. You may view within your new game many focuses in which you have held experiences quite different to each other. Then you may also view some focuses that are seemingly related. You are engaged with all of the same characters within a continuation of the same play.” [Elias, #142]


    psssttt!!! Change of venue this morning, meet me in Munchies at 11:30TRT:yahoo_coffee:


    Meet me in the smoking room of the Faded Cabbage Tavern for a wee dram of langoat milk and a spicy Scotch Bonnet tapa! :yahoo_skull:


    In reply to: Yuki’s Livrary


    September 24 th

    Quintin remembered a snapshot of the notes that Dory had taken during her first trip to the Madagascan caves, a year ago.

    Relevant extracts:

    At one moment, I saw some hooded figure in the sideways tunnels… He vanished on the left, couldn’t follow him…
    When he vanished, I had the vision of something, […] like the layout of a labyrinth, of cave tunnels — that are all underground and the many entrances are all over the world… PORTALS
    focus opening/doors ; time/space…
    The central cavernous part is some kind of key center, where anyone can meet…

    This has inspired Quintin to write some notes too.
    He has the vision of these portals organized as clusters, like a tree, with branches and leaves… I will send him a more detailed image, but that may take him some time to digest!

    September 26 th

    The latest additions to the story have inspired Quintin. He had some inkling of how “essence” (or what is somewhat referred as “oversoul” ) and all the “focus” of essence (or lifetimes) interplay, and are not as separate as they sometimes seem to be.

    Here would be what we will say to him, if he wants to listen:

    « Now, terminology can become tricky as, for much time, you have been accustomed to be considering of your experience as the projection of that of an “essence”, somewhat separate from you, the lowly focus.
    Of course, you pretend the contrary, and become quite nifty in brandishing sentences like “I am essence, and I create all of my reality”, which you are and do actually, but that you do not always believe and trust.
    These terms of “essence” and “focus” were given to you as means for you to better understand the interplay of consciousness. In the beginning of the acquaintance with these new terminologies, you have felt them remotely blurry and unrelated to previous concepts, which was the intention. But now, you once again objectify your understanding in something too rigid at times, and that little story is giving you a hint of what your real power is.
    And you begin to really experience it, and really pay attention.

    « As was expressed many times, “essence” is no thing. It is an action.
    The “essence” is each of you, that very portion of you that you feel when you slide your attention into the comment box.
    In that, your purpose, you see, is only to experience, nothing more, nothing less.
    And then time, as you know it, becomes irrelevant, you see. Your natural time is expressed through you and your explorations.
    Notice how playfully, as essence (essence playing focus or focus playing essence), you let your natural time unfold, and at times find some strange weather pattern in your awareness that needs clarification. As essence, you playfully find the most perfect habits [shapes and clothings] to wrap around you, and continue your story.
    Just as your dreams at night overlap and blend into each other.
    Just as Rafaela created new focuses [Sam and Becky] to continue to play and make the story expand for all of the other focuses, Dory included.

    « That “I” of you is ever present, and is reflected perfectly in others’ perceptions, as you are drawing them to you purposefully. Do not brush aside their adjuncts, for they are also you, having moved your pawns forward, so to speak, through their moves.

    « Thus understand that the story is a continuous stream reflecting the essence that is you, and your travel through the various guises you borrow.
    In that manner, it does not matter how much sense it makes in linear terms. Because, in a way, it can’t make sense in these linear terms.

    « Let us explain this in other terms.
    When you found difficulties in understanding the “scheme” so to speak, the figure that is drawn by the participants, it is because you apply the linear understanding of what such a scheme should be.
    In that, you only perceive the “plot” as a succession of dots without a continuity, whereas the continuity is to be found in the other stories interwoven.
    You are accustomed to stories where a single individual is enacting throughout the play, in a linear continuous fashion. The individual goes through many different actions, but is always the same in your perception.
    Here, the tricky thing is to notice the continuity throughout the various habits [clothings] taken by the essence(s). It matters not that the essence takes that guise of say, a pirate sailing on high seas, just after having been an old crafty Lord in his windy castle. The underlying aspects of his exploration has been continuous and coherent: in this case, exploring and making sense of one’s exploration. It is just that a certain appearance has been perhaps more fitting to express certain aspects or qualities of essence, but the exploration has been one, throughout the entirety of the experience.

    « We will let you ponder this, and we will continue our own story, writing about you… »

    September 28 th

    This sand symbol that Quintin has brought up seemed to have come from many directions at once. Each character has connected it, in various ways.
    Armelle (Arona) to her magic, Rafaela (Becky) to her collecting customs, etc. etc.

    Let us say that this symbol is not as innocent as it may seem. There are lots of associations with sand.
    It is solid, yet fluid. In association with water, it can be used to build, and also to erode. It can shift into many forms, one of which is your glass, and your electronic components.
    And most of all, it is, after your very oxygen, the most abundant constituent of your reality.
    It is almost limitless in your understanding.
    As is your magic.

    This magical device we made Quintin see in a visualization is an analogy of your very action of creation as essences.
    The sand which molds itself to make forms and shapes in three dimensions is in fact likened to your consciousness. Each grain of sand represents your links of consciousness that bind together to do your command.
    The shapes are moved by your essences, in which you may see that the essence is no thing at all, but is a continuous stream of action, not separate from others’.

    As Quintin said to Fiona, some individuals do differently when they create and shape their sands.
    In analogy with the coloured sands, some people like Quintin enjoy using other people’s colours in shaping his own characters, while some others prefer to keep their own colours, to create a more definite sense of individuality. But they integrate the others’ movements and shapes nonetheless, regardless of how much they perceive it to be coming from them.

    With that said, let us see how much more will appear from that sandbox…

    September 30 th

    The Wrick family tree as it is now (or “will be” drawn around the time of the twins in 2057).

    The Secret Life of Margaret Wrick , a newspaper cut from 2033.

    October 7 th

    The dragon Naasir’s dream
    A panorama illustrating the portals between the worlds created by each of the participants… But who is dreaming, really?

    And an illustration of Chiara’s encounter with the glutton “dreggun” Buckberry


    India Louise wrapped the big rusty key up in leopard spotted wrapping paper and tied it up with ribbon. She’d been invited to Eugenia’s birthday party, and she was excited. To be truthful, she was looking forward to meeting Oscar just as much as she was looking forward to the jelly and ice cream, trifles, and smarties.

    Oscar was a parrot, who had appeared one day at Eugenia’s bedroom window. He’d tapped the glass with his beak repeatedly until Eugenia opened the window and let him in.


    Yann have been working on the drawing sporadically, several subject were coming to his mind at the same time and he wanted to treat them all… All what he could do for the moment was just draw some sketches of all that… there was that scene with his niece and the dragon-boy, and that other scene where he could see that man on a dinosaur-like mount…

    At times he could also feel the gentle energy of his dear friend Amanda. He’d wanted to meet her in Vienna in June, but unfortunately she couldn’t attend the meeting. She was participating in his current exploration of art. It was like he could feel many energies from different people and different beings and he could choose to express them as he wanted.

    Some could be translated just in movement, like just drawing lines and create a harmonious disposition and interactions between them, suggesting other lines that weren’t fully expressed or weren’t expressed at all.

    Some others could be translated as colors and shades, contrast and iridescence… possibilities were infinite.

    He was wondering how he could introduce the gentle energy of his friend, but maybe it had already been incorporated.


    Salome was feeling a draw to the cave…

    She was focusing her energy slightly differently now, in order to manifest in this dimension an aspect of herself.


    Yann had a strange dream that night, he dreamt about his niece meeting a dragon, and the dragon was also a boy, a boy that seemed to be very familiar, but he didn’t know yet who it could have been :-?

    He was feeling an urge to draw that particular scene of the dream that was so vivid and lively, but he still was hesitating about the manner he would render the dragon becoming a boy, or the dragon being a boy… it was beginning to take shape in his mind eye… and he felt a laugh and a thrill in his neck.


    Salome had felt Georges closer… he was coming, though not here entirely yet.

    She was feeling like he was in between worlds. And there was that other energy personality with him, a bit confused but ready to move on.

    Salome was about to meet with another close aspect of herself in this dimension. She knew the connections and her other self knew she was coming. Malvina was her name.

    Salome was moving fast through the elements of this dimension… it seemed she already had experienced it before, but it was different. New energies and new aspects were adding to the experience and the diversity of it. A movement that could be translated as a big Cheshire smile rippled from her center throughout the entire dimension, and Malvina’s giggle responded in different times.

    Salome was not yet fully focused on the time and space of the encounter, it was not yet necessary, though it has already been done and they were all meeting in the cave(s)… These caves were a translation of the interconnectedness of the dimensions and were constantly reshaping in the timeline of this dimension —though with the particular focus she could experience most of the ramifications.

    She was in a manner of speaking waiting for someone, someone has yet to do a little thing before she would send a focus of herself in the joyful party.

    >> :yahoo_big_hug: <<


    Grandad! Grandad!, called India Louise to Lord Wrick, running in the old manor, her footstep making creaking and loud noises down the windy staircase.

    Hilarion Wrick was seated in his favourite armchair, dozing after the hefty meal prepared by Nanny Gibbon, the cat Manfred on his lap.

    Raising an eyelid, his cheerful wrinkled face smiled at the little girl.

    — And how can I be of assistance, dear little one?

    — Grandad, this book is full of wonders, but at times it’s like some characters have their own life, and I don’t always understand what they do… In fact, she added thoughtfully, I don’t understand them most of the time…
    — Hahaha, laughed the old Lord, but they have certainly their own lives, as they are living in your imagination. What can I explain to you?
    — Well, let me think.

    India Louise took a moment, and asked again

    — For instance, this woman who just run in the cave, she seems to meet many people here, but I am confused. Is she dreaming, or are they real?
    — Well, as a matter of fact, let me express to you that they are all real, even if you think that she dreams them. However, I am understanding of what you are saying, and I shall acknowledge your perspicacity. These characters are not all from the same areas of consciousness.

    Here, we will explain for the reader that these books were not unknown to Lord Wrick who had spent lots of time during his youth playing with them. How they were lost and found again is the subject of another story, and we will not divert the reader’s patient attention for much longer on this issue.

    — Areas of consciousness?

    — Yes, you see, let me explain. That individual that you call Dory, she is in a physical world. But she is aware, to an extent, of other realities that overlap her own reality. Just as her story overlaps your own reality my dear one.

    — And Illi? Who is she?
    — This one is also Dory, but another personality of her, in another time. She has just passed away, quite recently. She is beginning to slowly become aware of that, and she connects with other of her personalities, and at times blends with them, like the other Illi, the cat-like creature, who is still in the physical reality of Malvina’s world.
    — Mmmm, this is quite intricate…
    — Hahahaha, yes, it seems so, but it will not be so puzzling when you don’t try to attach your current limited perception to this story. This story is you my dear. You are the story.
    — Well, and Sanso, and Georges then, are they dead or what? How come Dory can see them?
    — These ones are special, they have mastered the crossing of the Worlds, and can move through them. They move differently though. Sanso comes from a lineage of an ancient tribe of Zion, and had learn from them how to activate some portals, but only through the physical world of Dory, in their own time. He is not yet aware that he can also move through time as well, or even through other Worlds —worlds that he has no conception of yet.

    Georges is more consummate in that art. Their meeting is not coincidental. You will see that.

    — Thank you Grandad, it’s becoming a bit less confusing.
    — Just flow with the story my little one, don’t hold on too much, or you will find it too difficult, and you will stop to find fun in it.


    The singing in the next room was getting louder. As Dory started to sing along, she felt better. Bugger this! she shouted, and leapt off the musty sofa. The trip to the cave! She felt around the floor with her feet for her shoes, and wasn’t altogether surprised to find her magic flying sandals. Perfect, how perfect is that! She looked around the cluttered shop store room as she buckled the sandals straps. She grabbed a bright blue energy blanket off a pile of coloured shawls, a pith helmet off a hatstand, a mini magic tool kit in a terracotta patterned kilim bag, and on impulse, a glass egg timer with bright fuchsia pink sand.

    As she ran out of the back door a parrot in an elaborate wrought iron cage squalked ‘Don’t forget the key, dear, don’t forget the key’.

    Key? What key?

    ‘Don’t forget the key dear don’t forget the key dear don’t forget the key…’

    WHAT bloody key dear! Dory was really anxious to get to the cave now, but something held her back.

    The key, the key… There was something she couldn’t quite remember about a key. She looked around the room in a panic, It could take me HOURS to find the key in here, she ranted. Ok, ok, I tell you what, she said to the bird, I’ll let you out of that cage, you find the key, and catch me up. Meet me at the cave with the key, OK?


    This morning, Fiona and Quintin had a small impromptu chat —or rather, prompted by the story they were all weaving, that Archie, the puppet black panther, had been telling them last week-end that it was a magic connection between all of them…

    Quintin: Your story was great!

    Fiona: Thank you :) So was yours.

    Have you written any more since I last looked at the story?

    Quintin: no, I’m not that much inspired… I even considered to wrap in up in a way, but seeing you were all drawing so much from it, I think I will leave it open ever after…

    Fiona: no, wrap it up if you feel.

    I have drawn what I wanted. I will go and blow up the cave if we don’t finish it :)

    Quintin: Ahahaha! Don’t restrict yourself ;)

    Fiona: When you started the Malvina story, did you have an idea where it would go, or did you pick that one because you had no idea?

    Quintin: This one nagged me because there were many people I felt behind it and I did not know how to get them to show up and make their presences known. And I felt that it was loose enough too, to allow people to jump into it; and there was your initial interest in the picture ;)

    Fiona: The endearing dragons…

    Quintin: Yeah…

    But I had strictly no idea about the rest. It was just a bet, on luck…

    That’s funny, because I had a strange impression of a little girl yesterday, in a futuristic city, named something like Janice , and it was like she knew now what she wanted to do, and it was something similar to that, something like creating worlds for other people, in which they could have fun, or heal, or explore things…

    Fiona: And did she have any impression of what form that could take? Like books, or games or what…

    Quintin: No, it was much more “real” in fact…

    Fiona: you know like the card-captor game which I suppose is interactive, so real

    Quintin: Yeah, perhaps a bit like that, yes; or like creating a ball of energy in which people can be drawn and experience as they will. It’s only a translation, but that’s the idea… in a way, that’s very similar to a game or a book, but only that it just feels totally “real”

    Fiona: So a little bit like I have done with the story, to resolve something

    Quintin: yeah, exactly, or with your paintings

    Fiona: It can be really useful to take on other personas to do that, even like in drama type situations, being someone else…

    Quintin: Yeah, people can unleash their imagination.

    And I think there are still lots of things that we can expand in this universe in fact, not only related to the cave…

    Fiona: such as? eggsamples?

    Quintin: You said it! The eggs and relationships with dragons, all the magical artifacts or creatures. Didn’t you want a baby dragon?

    Fiona: Yeah, I told you I did, but you just said some riddle!

    Quintin: Did I? That’s not like me ;)

    Fiona: Ahahhaha! It is you to the core

    Quintin: LOL, damn me!

    Fiona: Well, that is a bit strong, but …

    Quintin: Ahahahahah. I said you would have to earn his trust? (or hers, for that matter)

    Fiona: I can’t remember the eggsact wording, I think I had to work for it though, like you weren’t just handing out dragons on a plate

    Quintin: It could bound with you very strongly and help you unravel your unknown magical powers. It’s not just a creature, it’s a complex personality, you cannot just take it like a puppy. There is a sharing between the two…

    Fiona: So are you going to allocate baby dragons to people or what? Or shall I just go and find an egg that no one knew was there :)

    Quintin: Ahahah, no, they will not be allocated, they will choose their own partners

    Fiona: Ahahaha, one minute you say it is my story! And now you are back in control

    Quintin: Ahahaha, the story has a willing of its own too…

    Try to do what you want, it’s not a matter of control ; it’s just you’ll know what clicks and what does not…

    Quintin: And actually, I don’t think everyone will be interested in dragons…

    Fiona: How does a dragon help one learn magic powers?

    Quintin: It’s just because there is an openness between the two; let me find something for you, that Elias (you know, Michaela’s partner), has told to me and Yann, when we had them on the phone last month.

    Elias : I would express to you that, as you focus your energies with each other, and you allow yourselves to merge and feel into each others’ energies, you may in actuality each discover some obstacles that the other may not necessarily be aware of yet, and you can share that with each other, and therefore facilitate your interactions even further.

    Fiona: And how having a baby dragon could help unleash our magic powers then?

    Quintin: It helps because it reinforces your trust in your own abilities to connect. It’s not directing, it’s a sharing and exploration for both of them; that’s why they are picky. As you would be picky too, knowing you would share together all the darkest corners…

    Fiona: I am not sure if i have dark corners ;)

    Quintin: it was a metaphor :D

    Fiona: ahahahhahahahahahah

    Fiona: I know, so was mine :D

    Quintin: ahahahahah

    Fiona: I was thinking I feel really accepting of myself

    Quintin: Yeah, that’s the point in the little adventure before you meet it.

    You have shown your trust in yourself and in your abilities, and your self-centeredness, which is essential, for the dragon doesn’t want a frail personality. Because he drops his defenses too when he shares and bonds.

    Fiona: Well I think it sounds scarey now, what if no dragon picked me…

    Quintin: There will be instant recognition. And you don’t “need” a dragon actually, that’s what is important: it’s a catalyst, nothing more, nothing less…

    Fiona: True.

    Quintin: Like Arona managed to sneak into the cave without giving the answer to the riddle (egg-sitingly) because it mattered not to her, whatever the outcome, she was directing of herself.

    Fiona: I felt like I have pictures now to assist me. I link strongly to pictures as a quick reference when I start to feel something like a negative emotion, for instance I may start to worry about how I am going to have enough money, or whatever, and I could quickly link to the spider picture

    Quintin: you mean, you create an imagery, right? That is something which I like in your stories and emails; even though it is not necessary to create imagery, it’s always so entertaining, like having these funny creatures pop in the cave!

    Fiona: Ahahahaha yes

    Quintin: And also, in creating imagery, it helps you seeing it in a more neutral way

    Fiona: I suppose it is just a quick trigger for the desired belief. I can link in quickly with the child, when I start to feel left out, for example.

    Quintin: yeah, beliefs as an alphabet or a palette, neutral, but that can create words and sentences or images. And the imagery of the child was very similar for me, to that of the playfulness picture

    Fiona: Yeah, I know… That’s what I said to you with the playfulness picture

    Quintin: Of course, you know :)

    Fiona: That I related most to the figure of blue hat… and big feet

    Quintin: Ahahaha, stomping on the poor key-fish

    Fiona: Nearly…

    Quintin: Have to go now, thank you for this enjoyable conversation

    Fiona: See you! :)


    Yann was looking at the box in which he had put the pebbles for Fiona… it was closed and all was needed now was to wrap it in that red paper and put the address on it… tomorrow he would have sent it.

    For now all he wanted was to try again that obe thing and meet Quintin in the chalet…


    Sanso was used to travelling alone. He’d been exploring this cave on his own for several years now, and it suited him, on the whole. No need to confer, or compromise, or rush to keep up, or slow down to let others catch up. He could follow his own impulses without hindrance. He did meet others on his travels, but only at the cave entrances, or rather, the times and places that the cave entrances revealed. He never felt an urge to settle though at any of these places, always compelled to return to the caves mysterious and ever changing labyrinthine tunnels.

    The disembodied voices and coloured wispies were always with him in the tunnels. Sometimes one would be louder than another for awhile, then another would assume prominence. The bleakest coldest times were when he wasn’t noticing them; that’s when he found himself going round and round in circles, lost in the maze.

    The electric blue wispy had been around alot lately, comforting him with little explosions of pinprick blue lights, and a golden mustard yellow one. English, not French mustard, he reminded himself, although he didn’t think it mattered and wondered why he’d thought it.

    Sanso had been almost crawling for some time in a particuarly cramped and difficult tunnel; bent double for most of the time, his back was aching and he longed to stretch out. The thought of going back, retracing his steps, was unbearable, so he continued, and tried not to be discouraged.
    ‘Find something to appreciate, Appreciation is the key’ the voice of the blue wispy sounded amused, but in a kindly and endearing sort of way. Harumph, muttered Sanso, easy to say! It would help if there was something to appreciate!

    Just then Sanso heard another voice, muttering something over and over again. ‘… dragon egg dragon… egg dog egg … dragon dog egg…’ What the heck was that all about?

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