Get your Surge Team straight

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      The Surge Team

      ~ The 13 Chicks of Roast ~ aka TCoR or T-Core

      1. Cornella, from Ullapool, posted to Long Poon
      2. Pearl, USA, North Carolina
      3. Mari Fe, Spain
      4. Skye, London
      5. Katarina, Ukrain
      6. Vera, from NZ, posted to Tahiti or pacific islands
      7. Kiki, Swaziland
      8. Björk, Iceland
      9. Janet Mendyourhall, from LV, Nevada, posted to the West Coast
      10. Lulla, Brasil
      11. Madam Li, Harbin, China
      12. Anita Charmpatti, India
      13. unknown yet, current location Middle East

      ~ Cleaning ladies ~

      Aqua Luna in Long Poon

      ~ Other characters ~

      Ed Steam, the big boss (aprox. 6’7’‘)
      The Management aka Man-T-Core

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        Ed Steam’s Rally Update:

        Where is your Surge Team now?

        Other recurring characters in the same timeline:

        • Ed Steam • last seen fomenting a sinister plot in his secret hideout after faking his own demise and looting the Surge HQ artefacts warehouse (#2946)
        • Aqua Luna • last seen at an unknown location, in a mysterious ship after a probable alien abduction in Long Poon (#2945)
        • Belle (Bee) Endwhistle • last seen flushed out-of-body in the magic E-map, but didn’t yet reappear unlike Pearl and Mari Fe (#2902)

        Recurring other-dimensional characters in the same timeline:

        Other characters in the future timeline:


          In light of the new story thread, I suggest a new one: “Get your Drag Team queer” :D

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