• Known Affiliation: Aunties au Pair
  • Dimension of origin: Earth / Nine Circles of Hell, USA
  • First seen in comment #(5375) (from Story: Two Aunties au Pair and Their Pert Carouses)
  • Timeframe: 2020
  • Essence Families: Voldishfidledim
  • Totem animal(s): Chameleon

Barron is:

  • The toddler son of President Lump and Mellie Noma, who appears extremely precocious for his young age and never short of mischiefs. He is in care of his two preferred aunties au pair, June and April.
  • A demon from the Nine Circles of Hell, who appears to have been summoned to usher the new world by possessing the President’s younger son.
Categories: Aunties au Pair
Type: person

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