Frigella, the calm traditionalist, is a quiet yet powerful witch; she represents tradition and continuity in the coven.
She is open to change when understanding the intentions behind it.
She is the inventor of the flagship Incense ‘Liz n°5’, a task she used to approach with meticulous care, although she seems less interested to do so as the story unfolds.
Frigella is a compassionate and open-hearted individual, seen in her interactions with Truella and her willingness to offer refuge to her cousin, Roger. She stands as a bridge between the old and the new, open to discussions about change and progress. She is also the aunt of Conor, and despite her brother Lorcon’s wish for a normal life for his son, she’s prepared to support Conor should he inherit the witchcraft gift.

Frella, Frigella
Type: person

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