Truella, the zealous seeker of knowledge, is a witch of many talents who yearns for the freedom to explore her many interests, such as Energetic History, Concrete Plasticity, Telluric Archaelogy, Familial Arborestry etc., all fringe crafts or beyond the interests of the Quadrivium.
She is friends with Frigella, Jeezele, and Eris.

She is accompanied by two disembodied helpers, Lisia Tattius and Imperiosus Adiutoremus.

Lisia Tattius: A ghostly aid to Truella, she often cautions about the perils of divided attention, underlining the necessity of a balanced soul. While she can come across as verbose and prone to plagiarism, Lisia’s wisdom provides valuable insights.

Imperiosus Adiutoremus: An old friend from the Roman Republic, Imperiosus is eternally grateful to Truella for liberating his spirit. Compared to Lisia, Imperiosus’ advice often takes precedence in Truella’s decision-making.

Type: person

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