Eris (short for Ætheris), is a Discordian witch, an innovator, who bridges the gap between the mystical and the technological.
She is of Finnish origin, was raised by her non-magical aunt, lives in Finland with her boyfriend, Thorsten, a biohacker, her ‘chaos knight’ who has a cybernetic arm. She has keen interest in Genomics, and attempts to trace her witch ancestry back in time.
She also monitors the Quality Control department for the Incense production, the main source of revenue for the Witches of the Quadrivium, that is renewed annually at Imbolc.
Echo (nicknamed ‘Whisp’ for Whisper) is her unconventional familiar who isn’t bound by physical form or space, and can interface with any electronic device. It helped her to invent Elias.
She has been tasked secretly by head witch Malové to open profitable new ventures for the Quadrivium’s corporation/coven of witches that would keep within traditions. As many senior witches, she can use traveling portals, enabling her freedom of movement.
As a witch of the modern era, Eris combines old spells and new technology to create rituals that push the boundaries. Her work is revolutionary, but her lack of communication and sometimes reclusiveness often leads to frustration among her fellow witches.

Ætheris, Etheris
Type: person

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