The Head Witch of the Quadrivium, Malové is a formidable figure, embodying power and authority. She possesses an intimidating presence, often causing a ripple of silence to pass through the room at her arrival. Despite her stern exterior, Malové carries the well-being of her coven at heart, guiding them through their magical and personal journeys with wisdom and care.

Malové’s strength is evident not only in her magical prowess but also in her leadership skills. She navigates the delicate balance between maintaining order and promoting individual growth in the coven. Her methods may appear harsh to the untrained eye, but her intentions are rooted in the desire to see her coven members realize their full potential.

Under her leadership, the Quadrivium flourishes, evolving with the changing times while maintaining its connection to its roots. Despite the challenges that come with the changing seasons and the varying personalities within the coven, Malové stands as a steady beacon, guiding her coven through the stormy seas of magic and life.

Malové, Malove
Type: person

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