A flamboyant witch of the Quadrivium renowned for her enchanting beauty, mastery of powerful glamour spells, and adept management of her social media presence. Jeezel has emerald eyes, long ebony hair, and an otherworldly allure that leaves a lasting impression on those she encounters. Despite her achievements, Jeezel remains humble and embraces the personal motto, “Shine bright, darling, and let the world bask in your glow.”
Known for attention-catching spells, Jeezel seamlessly blends tradition and modernity in her magical practices. From reality potions to Concordia spells, each enchantment is crafted with meticulous care and presented with flair. She often accompanies her magic with a carefully curated playlist to set the mood. Balancing her magical duties with digital fame, Jeezel is actively engaged with her Flick Flock fanbase. She revels in the admiration of her followers, showcasing magical talents and fostering connections with her admirers.

Lumina: Lumina, Jeezel’s nine-tailed fox familiar, goes beyond ethereal beauty, serving as a guide and friend. Lumina provides wisdom, support, and power when needed, symbolized by her nine tails representing multi-faceted wisdom and magical prowess.

Type: person

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