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      A background on the excavated mysteries from Twists and One Return From the Time Capsule.

      BACKGROUND CONTENT: Focus is on key protagonists:

      • Clara (a woman in her late 40s, taking care of her father, living the two of them with her Malinois dog VanGogh),
      • her father Bob (a widowed man with early stage dementia, who can see and speak to his dead wife Jane)
      • and Nora (nicknamed Alienor, Clara’s friend, a local thrill-seeking artist and amateur archaeologist)

      in an story of discovery around a mystery of a box (which is a Time Capsule found by Clara’s dog VanGogh) during a time and place of travel restrictions (and possibly time-travel restrictions).

      Tone of story is curious and engrossed with a mystery of the ages, some supernatural grounded in plausibility, looking for connecting dots with the past sometimes long gone, and a present that slips away in our memories.

      An encounter with the mysterious Will (possibly Will Tarkin), who seems nice and seductive yet acts unscrupulously and manipulative (seemingly recognising Bob from somewhere), could be the key to a big reveal, and possible links to Jane’s pasts. All while struggling to keep away the nosy neighbour.
      The conclusion will bring some realisations about the power of memories, the ties between living and dead, and how things never remain buried for long.

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        Table of characters:

        Characters Keyword Characteristics Sentiment
        Clara Woman in her late 40s, VanGogh’s owner Inquisitive, curious
        VanGogh Clara’s dog Curious
        Grandpa Bob Clara’s grandfather, widowed, early signs of dementia Skeptical, anxious
        Nora Clara’s friend, amateur archaeologist, nicknamed Alienor by Clara Adventure-seeking
        Jane Grandpa Bob’s wife, Clara’s mother, only Bob seem to see her, possibly a hallucination Teasing
        Julienne / Mr. Willets Neighbors of Clara & Bob
        Bubbles (Time-dragglers squad, alternate timeline) Junior drag-queen, reporting to Linda Pol (office manager) adventurous, brave, concerned
        Will After Nora encountered a man with a white donkey, she awakes in a cottage. Will is introduced later, and drugs Nora unbeknownst to her. Later Bob & Clara come at his doorstep (they know him as the gargoyle statues selling man from the market), looking for her friend. Affable, mysterious, hiding secrets

        Some connecting threads:

        1. The discovery of a mysterious pear-shaped box with inscriptions by Clara and her grandfather.
        2. Clara sending photos of the artifact to Nora (Alienor), an amateur archaeologist.
        3. Nora’s journey from her place to reach the location where the box was discovered and her encounter with a man with a donkey (Will?).
        4. Grandpa Bob’s anxious behavior and the confusion over the torn piece of paper with a phone number.
        5. The parallel timeline of a potential breach in the timelines in Linda Pol’s office.
        6. The search for VanGogh and the discovery of a map tucked into his collar.
        7. The suggestion from Jane that Clara should be told something.
        8. Nora awakes at a cottage and spends time with Will who drugs her soup. Bob & Clara show up later, looking for her.

          Potential Plot Arch

          The uncovered box in the garden of Bob & Clara is a Time Capsule which was actually buried in the future, but mistakenly sent to the past. It has symbols etched on it, that activate some nano-technology.
          Due to its contact with it, Bob starts recovering his memories, while retaining the hallucinations of his dead wife Jane, which actually become more credible and intense.

          Will Tarkin is actually a time traveler from the future, who came to live a simple life in the past, selling stone gargoyles at the local supermarket and rediscovering the ways of his ancestors.

          With the box being found and opened at the wrong time, it creates unwanted attention from the Time Dragglers who need to intervene to prevent alterations of the timeline.
          Contents of the box are in part encoded books of stories from local families and would have revealed important things about the past, Jane’s death, and Clara’s future.

          With Bob recovering his memories, it’s revealed Jane and Bob were actually also refugees from the future, but had aged naturally in the past, which is why Will seemed to recognize Bob. Bob was living in hiding from the Time Police, but with the box discovery, it changes everything. The box being opened at the wrong time disrupts the natural flow of events and starts causing unexpected consequences. This creates a complex web of relationships and events that must be untangled and understood in order to move forward.

          With his recovering of mental capacities, Bob partners with Will in order to restore the natural flow of time, even if it means his mental health will deteriorate again, which he is happy to do while continuing to live the rest of his life span with his daughter.

          Potential developments

          Clara Meets the Mysterious Will

          Nora finally reaches the little village where Clara and Bob live and is greeted by a man named Will
          Will seems to know Bob from somewhere
          Clara starts to feel suspicious of Will’s intentions and begins to investigate

          The Power of Memories

          Bob starts to have flashbacks of his past and begins to remember the connection between him, Will, and the mysterious time capsule
          Bob realizes that Jane, his wife, had been keeping something from him and that the time capsule holds the key to unlocking the truth
          Jane appears to Bob and urges him to tell Clara about their past and the significance of the time capsule

          The Truth Behind the Capsule

          Nora, Clara, and Bob finally find the answers they’ve been searching for by opening the time capsule
          The contents of the capsule reveal a shocking truth about Jane’s past and the reason behind her death
          They learn that Jane was part of a secret society that protected ancient knowledge and artifacts and that the time capsule was meant to be opened at a specific time
          The group realizes that they were meant to find the capsule and continue Jane’s work in protecting the knowledge and artifacts

          The Ties Between Living and Dead

          Bob comes to terms with Jane’s death and the role she played in their lives
          Clara and Bob grow closer as they work together to continue Jane’s work and preserve the knowledge and artifacts
          The group encounters obstacles but with the help of the spirits of the past, they are able to overcome them and succeed in their mission

          A Realization of the Past and Present

          Clara, Bob, and Nora come to realize the power of memories and how they shape our present and future
          They also learn that things never truly remain buried and that the past always finds a way to resurface
          The group successfully preserves the knowledge and artifacts, ensuring that they will be passed down for generations to come
          The story ends with Clara, Bob, and Nora sitting by the fire, reflecting on their journey and the lessons they’ve learned.

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