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    The SnootThe Snoot

      Prune is tender and juicy,
      Yet in its core hides a pit,
      So hard, can break a tooth in one bite,

      The plains of Mars look crimson from afar,
      Or is just poorly equipped human eye?
      Snoot swam there on the back of big Belen,
      So pray child, to the whale’s wisdom listen,
      The pilgrims thrive in an olympian mouth.


        Your Hairiness,

        Eternal Gloria to you. Could you enlighten our poor human mind, and tell us where is everybody, and if they have fun?

        The SnootThe Snoot

          Fat Blue Whale sends her greetings
          Of bubbles tickling the dream
          For Snoot to dive in the stream
          Flowing to City Plaza
          Where hairy feet jumped on tiles.

          All of them had long feathers,
          And to solve your good riddle
          You must spiral on the One,
          To accept the world’s wonders,
          Where can hatch your three graces.

          Therein lies all your answers.


            Oh, Snoot is sneaky. It speaks in riddles worse than Boss. :yahoo_idk:

            Well, thanks anyway. I guess I can still try remove tiewing. :yahoo_nerd:


              Dear Snoot.

              Can you help me get my limerick energy back?

              It hit the sack and now there’s a lack

              Of rhyme, and reason too

              It grew, then flew, and now there is too few new

              It’s choppy and sloppy and clumsy and bumsy

              and frankly, quite rubbish.

              Yours in anticipation in La Cuarantena

              The SnootThe Snoot

                Friend forgive the Snoot’s first try at limericks

                There was a Whale from the Sargasso Sea
                A big blue whale no one could see
                She stroke a deal
                To break her ordeal
                Now she’s the star of a Japanese meal.

                The blue Man gives another spin to thy quest

                Art is your journal of your world, of your societies, of your lives. It is your record of history. It has been your record of history long before you engaged alphabets. (Chuckles) Long before you engaged written words, art has always been your journal of history, and it continues to be now.
                The Blue Man E.

                For our enjoyment you may offer us a limerick about a friend at your market.


                  Boot Sale Bob was a man at the market,

                  Whose trailer collapsed when he parked it,

                  He lit a cigar

                  And looked at his car

                  And said fuck it I’m done with this market


                    Dear Snoot,

                    Do you know the center of your maze?

                    Can you travel between threads of life?

                    Can you teach us?

                    — A mazed explorer.

                    The SnootThe Snoot

                      A Maze In SnootA Maze In Snoot

                    Viewing 9 replies - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)
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