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    Eric! Your latest comment resembles more than a little the episode of Lost I saw on tv last night. I take it you didn’t watch it too haha…..
    In a nutshell, an exhausted bird on the shore next to the sea that had separated from the other birds (which were scared off by a loud gunshot nearby)…..the guy intuitively knew exactly where to go to find it (he can see future probabilities, incidentally) and he picked the bird up…the point of which was to tie a message to the tagged bird in the hopes of being rescued off the desert island (which is not unlike the one Roselyn Chiara and Illi are ‘currently’ on….)…
    In other words, a ‘talking’ bird….
    OH and the bird in Lost was ‘from other lands’ too, a tagged migrating bird….

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    just remembered another one I meant to tell you. I bought a Brita water filter from the supermarket recently, it was quite spontaneous as I just noticed they had one sitting by itself on the shelf. I think this is a synch with one of Eric’s photos. Also the month counter at the top was set to 11 of the 11th or 11 11

    (this is comment 222 btw)

    At the aquarium the other day I was really drawn to these cool, luscious, yellow fish, partly because they seemed to be staring at me …:face-glasses: then i saw that they were named lemon (something, can’t remember the other word- maybe lemon) :fruit_lemon: fish and cost $57. (it was 57 dollars and something cents, but i can’t remember the cents, so that is a synch with not remembering the rest of the fish name:yahoo_oh_go_on:)
    Also this gives me an opportunity to use the new fish and lemon icons .
    :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish:


    Ok, I had some interesting syncs with the 444 stuff and the car… well…

    Going to work this morning I felt a bit oppressed and there was that guy that I had noticed from some time on the other side of the street. When I crossed the street and found myself walking behind him I suddenly noticed that electric blue little thingy on his back bag, very bright and I felt very relaxed after that. I turned my head on my left and noticed a car with the number 144 on its plate, though the 1 was under mud… well I thought of Francie and looked at an ups brown van… the phone number on the car was 0821 233 something… I laughed because of the 21 of course and also of the 233 which is also a signal for me of Eric and Elias… that was syncing with the blue dot and the 44.

    I thought I still missed one 4 to do the complete sync.

    Well I went into the elevator and hit button number 3, because that was where I had to go… work you know :))
    And the guy with the blue dot back bag entered the elevator and hit the button number 4 and turned his head to me and said “Hi” with a BIG SMILE :face-smile-big:

    I smiled back at him and thought, well I just got my 3rd 4 ;))



    Okay I was wondering where was Tracy in all that?

    She was hidden on my access card for the cafeteria!
    My id on this card is 44475 :D

    When I came back from my morning break, I also noticed a red car with a 233 plate number ;;)
    I think that’s all for the morning sync :-?


    “I am one of those people who refer to cars by their colour rather than their make or model.”

    I said this to Jim this afternoon…..the only car I can recognize is one like my own, a Mini, or a Jag….or a Ford Anglia …anyone remember them? (hahahah I didn’t know Harry Potter had one until I googled)

    I’ve been seeing 444’s too; can’t recall where though.

    Oh that reminds me, saw a few frogs today too
    PS LOVE the new icons!
    :detective: :buffoon: :fruit_orange: :balloon: :creating_magic:


    LOVE the missing 4 synch JIb :yahoo_big_hug:

    LOVE all the icons too :big_rose:

    (because my name is FLOVE and I am LOVE :heart: :yahoo_rofl: )

    COOL ford anglia picture T


    Any 555 syncs? Darren had two 555 flops in online poker just now…..
    :fruit_orange: :fruit_orange: :fruit_orange: :fruit_orange: :fruit_orange:
    :fruit_lemon: :fruit_lemon: :fruit_lemon: :fruit_lemon: :fruit_lemon:

    :yahoo_good_luck: :yahoo_good_luck: :yahoo_good_luck: :yahoo_good_luck: :yahoo_good_luck:


    yes, lots of triple numbers. I thought of you before Tracy, a bit later I checked the time on my phone, it was 5:55pm

    picked up my book to read just now, first line was:

    Terry closed his eyes and smiled serenely. “Do you know what he charges for one dose? Three hundred and thirty three dollars. He says it is his magic number”

    (they are talking about a dose of a new drug which allows people to have the experience of travelling to different realms)

    F:heart: (do you like my new signature ? I thought I could sign all my comments like this, Tracy came online just as I wrote that ahahahaha I bet she thinks it is :yahoo_sick: )


    Ok, coming back home this evening I was wondering why I didn’t have a 555 sync?
    Well I remembered what I saw this noon after lunch



    cool! :creating_magic:

    F :heart:


    Last night the guests asked where Lucknow Crescent was as they had friends to visit. I had heard of it, but being really bad with directions just gave them a map.

    Today, walking home from the supermarket I started thinking about synchs. At that moment some workmen in a truck pulled up and asked me if I knew where Lucknow Crescent was.

    Thinking about this synch … a couple of things struck me … the name is interesting and also that I did not know where it was.

    (just as i wrote that i noticed a monarch butterfly out of the corner of my eye fly in front of the window, the association here for me is a quote from Abraham I like about the meaning of butterfly signs .. or synchs )

    As a sort of symbolic thing, i am going to find out were Lucknow Crescent is. As soon as I went to look it up i suddenly remembered where it was.


    Cinnamon sync! On Monday I bought cinnamon teabags, on impulse. I have never bought them before.:beer:


    Luck Now is kind of a cool name, F:heart:



    Cool beans T :D you did the 233rd comment of this thread >:D<

    Yes, it’s a cool name F:heart:

    Ok, now I choose J:balloon:b as my name ;;)
    or is it a bit too airy?

    :yahoo_thinking: I’ll think about it further :yahoo_idk:


    JballoonB sounds great!



    Have you :office:your :egg_wink:yet?

    I hope the :weather-clear: stays out and it doesn’t :weather-showers: for the holidays! It’s time for :bunny_head: to cast their magic :creating_magic: on:egg_wink: :egg_wink: :egg_wink:…don’t forget to take :video:and make :notepad: if you find a :search: put it in the :cluebox: or send it to the :news: for the whole :world:


    I guess this falls under the category of syncs, though I’ve not yet found all of the implications of this yet…

    In the various extremely interesting and profound articles I found while browsing the news this morning, I found an intriguing article (FR): “She punches a snake with her bare hands!”. (they could have say “with her bare feet!” or better, “with her bare tits!”, that would have sounded more dramatic, and would have sold best… those wannabe journalists ;)) )

    Anyways, it tells the vibrant story of a woman named Ruth Butterwurth (sounds like our dear Mrs Butterbutt to me) who punched a python to rescue her kitty from its clutches (well no clutches really, fangs at best) of the monster.

    The article (which was posted the 23 rd of March, at 14:23, while it’s seems relatively old news) gave a link to a flickr photo with… guess what was on the same page, besides the Nanapython?

    A lemur, an antelope (looking a bit like a :goat: :yahoo_oh_go_on:) and a lynx :cat_happy: too. :spider: :y_orly: :yahoo_big_hug:

    On the python article:

    In Greek mythology Python was the earth-dragon of Delphi, always represented in the vase-paintings and by sculptors as a serpent. Pytho was the chthonic enemy of Apollo, who slew her and remade her former home his own oracle, the most famous in Classical Greece.

    Mmm, Mrs Butterbutt and draggies? :detective:


    The last few days bees have been in the news. A beekeeper in the Coromandel is suspected of selling contaminated honeycomb. So far 10 people have been seriously poisoned.


    This time of year the bees feed on Tutu which is poisonous.

    HAMSTER OR RAT WEARING A TUTU. (Eric informed me that in France little rats wear tutus)

    NATIVE NZ PLANT TUTU. DO NOT EAT!!!:yahoo_shame_on_you:

    When I first read the story in the newspaper, i left the cafe and there was the HONEYB numberplate across the road, which i have not seen since Sir Ed’s death.

    The next day the bee story was in the news again. This time the beekeepers name had been released, his surname was “Prout”. He had been operating for 5 months … 5 fun? hmmm not so sure if it is fun for the people getting sick.

    I am wondering if it is a clue in relation to the Bronkelhampton saga … Plan B, pink tutus and supercilious prouts.:yahoo_thinking:

    Did you know there was a world prout organisation
    Yes indeed, they even have their own song. I found it when i was looking for the article and put in search words of honey and prout :yahoo_oh_go_on:


    daily random quote today ……. still getting quite a few triple 5’s, I just now took a booking for $555, also noticed Tracy had posted today a picture of her dashboard with the 11:11 on it, (and when I went to her blog to check the accuracy of my statement and came back here it said i was last active 55 seconds ago).


    HHMM, I notice there is another Isobel in the story: Isobel the cat, not to be confused with Isabel (Is Isabel in the story yet? hhmm now I am confused….)
    I took photos of a nest of bees in the castle wall yesterday, too…..and Armando, who has been reading a book about portals, has designed his own portal, a conch shell with what looks like a bee in it…..



    reading a magazine in cafe, kept seeing the name Elise Eggleton … a journalist, seems to report mainly on appearance medicine type stuff .. (wonder if she knows about Dr B?):face-kiss:

    Jib mentioned this morning pink pixies .. pixels? Today a woman emailed with a request for an accommodation gift voucher. I have not done gift vouchers before as the whole thing felt a bit complicated to organise … however decided it would be EASY so said YES we do gift vouchers. I looked at the clock on the computer and it was 1:23 just to confirm this easiness. She emailed straight back and said she wanted to go ahead and could i send her one in electronic format? Well I felt a bit stressed by this and not very creative and under time pressure :yahoo_worried:so looked up gift voucher templates. There were quite a few, one was called PINK PIXELS. After trying all of them out I decided to use this one, and with some modifications it actually looks really good. :yahoo_kiss: thank you Jib for your help. (not so easy to post gifts :yahoo_sad: )

    This afternoon i went to visit my friend Katie. This might not seem momentous but the thing is she is one of my closest friends but i have not seen her for about 2 years. She only lives 10minutes drive away. We did not have a falling out or anything, but I just stopped making contact with people and have been quite introverted. Anyway there was no sense of not having seen each other for ages or anything … just the strange thing for me was that her children seemed to have grown so much. The two youngest ones, Emily and William, both were playing with bright pink balloons :balloon: and even though it was a hot day Emily had bright pink tights on. William wanted to show me his book. There were two pictures he loved and pointed out for me .. one was of a Panda which he said was the “cutest picture in the book”. The other one he loved he said was “POOH” and he was quite delighted with this. Well yes it was a picture of pooh believe it or not. It was a design of a castle and showed a big “long drop” and a man shovelling pooh at the bottom of it.

    RAT SYNCHS :mouse:
    A short while ago I googled rats as pets, not because I wanted one, just out of interest. I found it fascinating all the anecdotes about what good pets they are and how intelligent etc etc. :agreed: I found it interesting as they are an animal which is commonly hated by many people. Anyway Katie told me that her other daughter, Ella, came rushing home from Kindy School the other day saying she really REALLY wanted a rat as a pet and is quite determined to get one. Katie was not happy about this. I was able to share all my positive rat information with her and now I think Ella will get her rat. :yahoo_nerd:

    On the way home I thought how wonderful all the synchs were, and as I thought this I saw YES 57. For a short while on the way home i followed ERIC 1. I also saw BEEZ. Also HONEY8, which is another variation of the HONEYB one I saw. I do find it interesting all these bee related number plates within such a small area. Related to this, Sir Ed was on the news tonight as the Queen had a memorial service for him today at St Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle. (sir Ed was the original HONEYB synch on the day he died at the age of 88, he was a HONEY BEE keeper as well as mountain climber – this explanation is for Tracy who finds it hard to remember things)

    still seeing lots of these, the last two evenings have logged on at 5:55pm

    Mr X bought me some cookies with hunks of ginger in them. Also I bought myself some passionfruit yoghurt. But I don’t think that was a synch really. I think I bought it because I had been talking about them.

    oh that’s right, the girl buying the pink pixels gift voucher was also named Emily


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