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      Some background for the storyline of Franiel

      For safekeeping and future explorations…

      Franiel a talented young monk from Mount Elok’ram is going on a journey of a lifetime after the death of the old abbot Hrih Chokyam Lin’potshee despite being his chosen successor unknown to everybody. He is sent by the usurper Elder Aum Geog to a journey down to the Village of Chard Dam Jarfon to engrave a precious chalice with sacred words on a sealed scroll.

      He encounters Léonard a zany alchemist with his dog Moufle who takes his precious cargo.

      Franiel finds shelter with Phoebe Chesterhope, a master thief who trains him until she disappears after taking her motorbike on a dangerous interdimensional mission on the day of Marduë. Franiel is then put back in the path of Léonard, who had stolen the chalice for safekeeping. Léonard teaches Franiel about the powers of the chalice (the famed Cup of Margilonia), on the day of Seldië, and activates its self-protective cloaking power to temporarily relieve Franiel of his burden.

      Under Léonard’s tutelage, the true destiny of Franiel is revealed, and he can claim his rightful place as the chosen successor of the old abbot, on the day of Marduë. With the help of Leonard and the power of the chalice, Franiel embarks on a new journey, equipped with the knowledge and skills he needs to fulfill his destiny. However, with someone else following him and the possibility of danger lurking around every hexade, Franiel must stay vigilant and continue to rely on his newfound allies to help him succeed. Only time will tell if Franiel is truly ready for the challenges that lie ahead on his path to becoming a great leader and guardian of the sacred chalice.

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        Ghört, the winds that blow,
        Whispering secrets we may never know.
        Nærvel, the waters that flow,
        Carrying stories of lands below.

        Agnima, the flames that dance,
        Illuminating paths of chance.
        Selvaniel, the woods that grow,
        A sanctuary for both friend and foe.

        Margilonia, the earth that grounds,
        Rooted in ancient, forgotten sounds.
        Lejüs, the memories that fade,
        Echoes of a lost world, where shadows played.

        On Duane, these six gods reign,
        Their ancient language an eternal refrain.
        As the days come and go,
        Their voices in harmony, forever flow.

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