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      While Malvina had been enjoying the fishy delicacies of Olliburthon, she had gathered again a sense of purpose.
      “Not quite yet, but working on it…” she snapped at Leörmn, who was always quick to point out what wasn’t quite actualized. “You see, it is merely a matter of concentrating and soon it’ll be. Anyway, the fish is good here; look at those divinely prepared dishes! Leo would have loved them.”

      Leörmn wasn’t very concerned by the seeming (he almost thought “seaming” in another probability) lack of direction of late errands, as he was well aware they all served a purpose. Oh, he knew that very well indeed, so very well… — but bugger if he could explain what said purpose was. Of course he, like any dragon of his age, could have easily said, if the proper motivation, question or else had prompted him to investigate further. But in its own nature, a dragon wasn’t inquisitive. He was accepting, for all that is before him, is all that is.

      So when the idea germinated inside Malvina’s head, he already knew it would lead to a manifestation of some form, sooner or later.
      So how could he have been surprised when she told him.

      “You could at least play a little surprised!” she said “Doesn’t it sound fun and exciting to have our own Temple of Flove?”
      “I hope it won’t smell too much of fish, or you may repel your patients…”
      “Don’t be silly, we can’t be doing that here, you know that much better than I do!”
      Leörmn cracked a smile, knowing indeed very well where this would all lead.
      “And I will have a lovely white embroidered gown to officiate” Malvina was unstoppable “with pearls and shiny moonstones…”
      “Oh, of course, and rubies for the boobies” Leörmn couldn’t really remain serious.
      “That’s an idea!” Malvina was so enthralled she wasn’t really paying attention. Tomorrow she would bid farewell to Kalliona’s lovely company and Olliburthon charming gastronomy, and set her new journey’s destination to the Land of her ancestors, near the Great Lake of Umphillax, where her journey started, long before she even met her sisters.

      “Tally-oh!” Leörmn cheered, loving the way magic could make packing and unpacking so easy.



        Elizabeth frowned as she hung Finnley.

        “crazy!” he’d said. “killing spiders and magpies and lord knows what else”


        Really, Elizabeth could be exasperating at times

        Finnley had been silent hung in frustration floated across of Elizabeth’s closed eyes as she lay on the bed.

        She was aware of the breeze and the giraffes heat was intense, heavy.

        spiders webs, and the sound of gurgling….

        and then silence and the tinkling of windchimes….

        Big brown eyes atop gaze at Elizabeth as her eyes flutter open and then close again.

        Elizabeth can see the head and shoulders and the serious face, she can see the lips up and down and round and round …..

        Elizabeth drifted off to sleep.


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          It was not before Leörmn suggested at Irtak the overlooked possibility that Irtak seriously considered the option.
          After all, the batty toothless woman who had come forth (almost in jest it had seemed at first) wasn’t really an obvious choice to make a dragon rider of the twin Heckle and Jeckle.

          Well, who was he to judge anyway? He was even starting to find the idea less and less incongruous. She would perhaps make for a good companion.
          As they said, dragon breeders may just be failed dragon riders, but Irtak wasn’t sure that it was close to the truth, or any truth for that matter.

          As his choice was finally made, he took a carrier fincheon from a cage smelling of bird’s droppings and started to write on a piece of torn and pissy parchment with a crow’s feather to Lady Peackle Handlebut.


            Found out by Tracy after I sent her that article about a lost book by Carl G. Jung

            Random daily group story quote:

            “What is that?” she asks. “It doesn’t come from The Book, does it?”
            “Well, our best team of psychic archaeologists just got it retrieved from purported old discarded bits in the Crypt.”
            “of…? You mean… apocryphal part of The Book? Are you serious?”
            “Quite possible, you see. Do you know what’s the ancient meaning behind that word ‘apocryphal’?”
            “You tell me.”
            “‘those having been hidden away’… But the intricacy of this reality makes it possible for us, in the future of The Book, to re-insert it directly into the past.”
            “So they’re no longer ‘apocryphal’…”
            “You could look them up actually, and perhaps you’ll find even the part where they’re speaking about us finding it even…”

            Oct 19th 2008


              “Mmm, they can use whatever politically correct word to say Ann isn’t having a serious case of Dissociative Identity Disorder, but frankly her speaking to herself would be really worrisome were it not for that all that Shifting around.” Growdon was discussing with Franny.

              “Yes,” she nodded with a soft and contagious smile, “doesn’t it look like she denies herself her physicality by burrowing inside the meanders of her short-span attention so deeply and carelessly?”
              … “Oh,” she added swiftly covering her fine lips painted purple with her long fingers, seeing the look on Growdon’s face “I’m not suggesting that… No, don’t be silly”

              Growdon was finding Franny so delicately considerate about their friend.

              He gave the thought a time to sift through his perceptive mind, while looking at the red roses of Geroges and Franny’s store, and had to come to the same conclusion. It definitely looked like Ann was always avoiding to flesh out her DID characters, perhaps out of fear of the dreaded lack of continuity or palatable tangible proof (that as much dreaded “P” word) of the reality of her visions. Truth be told, he and Franny and Geroges were finding her bouts of imagination quite fantastic on their own, they didn’t really need any proof whatsoever. But sincerely they all needed to get a grip!


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                Becky was liking her dancing courses; there was this funny guy with an outrageously bright canary yellow shirt and a funny accent who taught them some Asian-based moves last time, and she’d been puzzled for awhile, frozen in her tracks and speechless for a moment (which didn’t often occur), as the guy was so weird and yet serious looking that she didn’t know if she should laugh hysterically at his preposterous wiggling butt moves, or keep serious like the others.
                That’s where she noticed a girl in the class. Like her, she was lost in wonderment while all of the others where respectfully following the teacher’s movements with a polite straight face.

                As she was feeling bubbles of hysterical laughter desperately struggling to burst at the surface, she quickly exited the classroom, only to find that the other girl was there too.

                “Ahaha, is he some sort of wacko or what?” Becky couldn’t help but laugh even if the other one seemed affected somehow, yet not indifferent to the humour of the situation.
                “Bloody oath, yeah… Madder than Almad this one”
                “You’re not from here are you?” Becky asked, noticing a delicious variation of British accent in the girl’s voice.
                “No, from New Zealand. Name’s Tina, Tina Prout. Well you can forget the last name anyway, I’m going to change that.”
                “Delighted, I’m Becky Vane. Would you fancy some vegemite on toast?”
                “Sure, let’s get out of here quickly.”
                “Toot toot! School’s out!… Mmm, looks like it’s ‘pissing down’ outside… Is that how you say in Kiwi?”


                  Are Nut Bans Promoting Hysteria?

                  Every parent of a school-age child has heard the warnings about nuts. Some schools ban nuts entirely, while others set aside special nut-free tables.

                  While nuts are clearly a risk to some children, often the response to this health concern represents “a gross overreaction to the magnitude of the threat,” argues Dr Pistachio, an internal medicine doctor and professor at Pecan Medical School, in a recent column in the medical journal Nut Case.

                  Measures to protect children from nuts are becoming increasingly absurd and hysterical, say experts.

                  A nut rolling on the floor of a US school bus recently led to evacuation and decontamination for fear it might have affected the 10-year-old passengers, who were not classified as nuts.

                  Professor Pistachio said the issue was not whether nuts existed or whether they could occasionally be a serious threat. Nor was the issue whether reasonable preventative steps should be made for the few children who were documented as non-nuts, he argued.

                  “The issue is what accounts for the extreme responses to nuts.”

                  “We try to relieve anxiety about nuts by signs saying, ‘this is a nut free zone,’ which suggests that nuts are a clear and present danger,” Dr. Pistachio said. “But in doing so, we increase the anxiety.”

                  Being a severe nut shapes your whole life – and those of the people around you, as Cashew Cacahuete learned.

                  For most women trying to avoid the amorous advances of their husband, the line “Not tonight, I’ve got a headache” will suffice. For her, a simple “Don’t come near me, I am nuts” does the trick.

                  ‘Nut phobias are a growing phenomenon of the last 10 to 15 years,” says Professor P. Nut, an expert in nuts who is conducting a study to see if exposure to nuts in early life can inhibit such phobias. “One reason is that we’re all far too scared and bored, so we start attacking friendly characters such as nuts.” Prof P. Nut says that in African and Asian countries where pregnant women aren’t discouraged from socializing with nuts, have very low levels of nut phobia. “These countries have higher levels of parasitic infections than ours, so it’s possible that their belief systems may be protected from phobias.”

                  He also disputes Department of Fear advice that advises pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to avoid nuts. He says there may be a case for exposing children to nuts. “Those who meet nuts early in life may in fact be protected against nut phobia, in contrast with previous studies which have suggested the opposite.”


                    — We’re running out of coffee!
                    — Bloody ran out of cigarettes for days now!
                    — There’s a more serious thing here… We’re running out of steam!
                    — Are we landing yet?!
                    — Where’s my suntan lotion!?
                    — Brace yourself, it’s gonna be a crash landing!
                    — eeEEEK!


                      Gloria had volunteered to go fetch whatever thing she could find to feed the measly fire burning in a ice crevice. They were starting to get a bit hungry and the watermelbomb once exploded weren’t giving off much to feed on. She was starting to hallucinate delicious roasted penguins on a fire, with a slice of bread and whale lard, and a smoking cup of algae tisane…

                      “Golly, this is gettin’ sick! The little buggers are so cute…” she mused, fondly overlooking the flock of penguins on the shore, some diving and catching fish, others nursing, some gliding lazily on the glittering ice.

                      “Now look at this!” she said “SHA! SHA! Com’ere!”


                      “What the ‘eck!” Akita couldn’t believe its ears.
                      “Weeehoo! We’re goin’ome, and on a cruise mind ye!” Mavis was beaming.
                      “On a frigging iceberg! You can’t be serious!”
                      “Oh don’t be such a party pooper Akitooh, it’s perfect!” Sharon said
                      Not even trying to be reassuring, Mavis echoed “Yes! Remember BBC talkin’ about it years ago; just another mad project they said. But I loved that! Mad projects ye know… never thought I would see that in my lifetime. Guess the project has been funded after all. Drifting bagged icebergs to Africa through the Indian Ocean! Now that’s a plan!”
                      “And look! this one has got propellers, and a little platform,… and a satellite dish!” Sharon was inspecting the behemothic plastic-bagged iceberg on rockets which was bobbing up and down, still anchored to the nearby whale-watching base.
                      “Hope it’s not teleguided by aliens though…” Gloria said a bit wearily.

                      “Well, I suppose it’s our best option for now” Akita was trying to be appreciative of the ladies efforts. “And how do we hop on that thing?”

                      “Oh, that’s easy! Bring the ropes girls!”


                        “Uh Oh Godfrey, now we’re in trouble, there’s a typhoon in the random daily quote! We really must improve the weather before all hell breaks loose!”

                        But Godfrey’s mind was on other matters and he wasn’t paying attention to Elizabeth.

                        GODFREY!!” she shouted “This is serious! Pay attention, do!”

                        “I really must say, Liz,” Godfrey shuffled the papers he was reading into a neat pile, “That when it’s too elaborate, it’s too weirdo, and when it’s pure delirium, it’s increasingly rubbish.”

                        “Be that as it may, Godfrey, but I must insist that you pay attention to more pressing matters. We have an Ice Age, a Typhoon, and the 1111th entry looming over our heads and all you can do is shuffle papers around making nonsensical remarks.”

                        “Oh pass the poonuts and stop worrying, Liz. And put another log on the fire.”


                          “Jeeze, I can’t help to be continuously amazed by BeckyAl said more to himself than to Tina who was reading silently in the room next to his.
                          “She struggles so hard at times, when all she needs is a little attention…” he continued in his breath.

                          “What are you moaning about again?” Tina said, who unlike Becky was paying much attention even when she didn’t look like it.
                          “Moonbeams! Did you see that last entry? There was as close as moon and beams as you could get in the previous entries in the Reality Play… I really wonder why we make things so hard for ourselves at times…”

                          — Well, because it’s fun, I suppose she’ll tell you… Come on, you know how she is, you don’t need to play your sumafreak labouring it to the bitter end…
                          — I suspect you’re right… And who cares about randomness anyway; it doesn’t look much fun these past few days, does it?
                          — Sure…
                          — Like I say. Look, you don’t even barely write yourself; if I didn’t know you’re here, I would probably do with the Play like the tomatoes plant; uproot it and cut it in pieces in a plastic bag for recycling.
                          — Oh, but you have to admit the bedroom looks so much better without all these creepers around the place… All for what, twenty one tiniest tomatoes?
                          — Plus the last two still ripening on the cupboard, Al retorted in a sullen manner.

                          After a moment of silence, Tina laid her book down, and came closer
                          — Yeah, you’re right, I don’t find it very funny for the moment, especially with that shift of vowellness in the Ooh dimension,…
                          — Hehe, you mean, that nasty habit of telling ‘peanut’ instead of ‘poonut’?
                          — Oh yes, but not only that,… Well, it looks like all my characters are eluding me, becoming alien… if you see what I mean… :yahoo_alien:
                          — Yes, I see; and I must say you’re doing great with that; Becky would faint at the mere mention of something becoming alien, Al couldn’t help but laugh. :yahoo_oh_go_on:
                          — No, but seriously…
                          — I know. I think what we need is some more of your inimitable talent at creating syncs. You’ve always been the connector my dear with those “magifestations” of yours.

                          She smiled. :yahoo_happy:

                          — Now, speaking of random syncs, what have you got to say about that; we could create a music band :bounce: :yahoo_whistling:
                          — What?
                          — Hang on, here’s the band’s name: 57th Ward of New Orleans and we could call our first album… Mmm… That’s it: The Cup To Overflowing … What do you think? :agreed:

                          Mmmm… that may sound weirdo, but it seems very feisty all of a sudden ! :yahoo_clown: :buffoon: :yahoo_party:


                            Tina!” At last Tina answered the phone. “Oh Tina, I’ve been trying to reach you all day! There’s something going on with Al and SamBecky blurted without so much as a How Doo Yoo Doo.

                            “What now?” asked Tina sleepily. “You woke me up, you know, I hope this is important.”

                            “They’re making funny tea, I’m sure of it” Becky replied. “Have you seen the latest entries they’ve made to the play?”

                            “I just told you Becky, I just woke up. I seriously doubt that anything in that play would surprise me, though. And so what if they’re drinking ‘funny tea’ anyway? Look who’s blimmen talking, Becky!”

                            “Precisely, my point exactly! They’re not sharing it! I want some too, don’t you?”

                            “Not really, Becky. I would quite like to go back to sleep though” Tina replied. “Why don’t you focus on your own entries to the play?”

                            “Oof, er pffoott” spluttered Becky. “Good pooint, Poubelle. Soorry I wooke yoou!”


                              Rneyl ba na Bpgbore zbeavat. Gurer vf gur cebzvfr bs urng va gur fxl ohg sbe abj rirelguvat vf pbby naq fgvyy. Fur bcraf gur onpx qbbe bs gur pbggntr naq naq fvgf qbja pnershyyl ba gur jbbqra fgrc. Ure obql uhegf sebz gur avtug.

                              V xvyy guvatf, fur guvaxf, fheirlvat gur qel oebja cynagf va gur fznyy tneqra fur unq gevrq gb perngr.

                              Fur jbaqref vs gurer vf fbzrguvat gung jnagf gb pbzr gb yvsr vafvqr bs ure, gura uvqrf sebz gur gubhtug. Abg orpnhfr fur qbrf abg jnag vg, ohg orpnhfr fur vf nsenvq. Fur qbrf abg xabj ubj gb oevat guvf guvat gb yvsr. Gur fueviryyrq cynagf orne funec grfgvzbal gb ure snvyher…

                              [ encoded in ROT13 ]

                              “What is that?” she asks. “It doesn’t come from The Book, does it?”
                              “Well, our best team of psychic archaeologists just got it retrieved from purported old discarded bits in the Crypt.”
                              “of…? You mean… apocryphal part of The Book? Are you serious?”
                              “Quite possible, you see. Do you know what’s the ancient meaning behind that word ‘apocryphal’?”
                              “You tell me.”
                              ‘those having been hidden away’… But the intricacy of this reality makes it possible for us, in the future of The Book, to re-insert it directly into the past.”
                              “So they’re no longer ‘apocryphal’…”
                              “You could look them up actually, and perhaps you’ll find even the part where they’re speaking about us finding it even…”


                              — Aaaaalbert! You’re not ferreting again in my old discarded files, are you?
                              — Err… No, of course not Tina.

                              Al quickly changed the view on the cyputer and added with a hint of malice in his voice “You don’t have anything to hide from me anyway, isn’t it?”
                              “Don’t be silly Al, and you’d better prepare yourself. We’ll be late for the big Hallowe’en party at the Father Chase Memorial Garden. Becky’s supposed to make an apparition at the party, remember.”
                              Becky? You mean… The Becky?”
                              “Yeah… You’re so absent-minded sometimes sweetie, good thing you got me, Sumafi as you are. Yes, that old twaddle-speaking silly exotic Becky, the one and unique!”


                                Georges and Salome’s journal

                                From Salome’s account of her introduction to the Turmak People (Part 1)

                                Georges being involved more and more within the Quorum of Jokans, it has enabled me, if only by proxy, to get more acquainted with the personality of each of them.
                                The Guardians are an ancient and very distinctive race which is, in many aspects, surprisingly similar to our Dream Walkers. One of these points of similarity is their aptitude at morphing their environment, and altering much of the physical properties of it within their dimension of operation.
                                I suspect that, similarly to our Dream Walkers being responsible for the creation of physical focus as we currently experiment it in our Earth dimension, they are also for a great part responsible for the creation of many a species in the neighbouring noospheres —note that I shall occasionally use “Noosphere” as a word more apt to convey certain notions rather than the word “planet” which is loaded with certain beliefs.

                                I will not enter into the social details of the race of the Guardians in this note, as it would be too long for this place, and Georges will probably explain it in more details later.
                                However, I shall use this as an opportunity to introduce a character who soon became a close ally in our explorations of this universe.
                                As a matter of fact, I came as a surprise to both of us when she started to pierce through Georges disguise, flawless as it may have been. We found out that they shared a connection which probably was the cause for their allowance of connection through the veils of their disguises in time and space.
                                A rather elegant member of the Quorum of Twelve, Cil —as she is named, pronounced See’l — intuitively found out that we were not really who we claimed to be, especially that we were not from her known universe at all. But what could have been a difficult situation turned out for the best, as she was equally eager to discover about us, as we were about her people and universe.

                                The recent reports of uprisings of the Zentauras was the matter which was seriously discussed, and it was decided as a favour from Noraam to Cil to allow her to go for an investigation on the Murtuane, to find out the reasons for this matter, if not the culprits among their kin.
                                Needless to say that I was very much enthusiastic at the idea of having a guide to explain me more on the relationships at play…

                                (Part 2)


                                  Norm Al Ladd, christened Norman Allan Ladd, was seriously beginning to wonder what kind of production he had signed himself up with. Never in his career as a P movie actor had me met such an odd cast.


                                    This door is influenced by the energy you irradiate.

                                    You have to trust your energy in order for it to lead you to the most fulfilling place.

                                    Irtak drew his hand closer to the rippling surface of the door. Its aspect was so changing that it was like he was seeing all the tiniest elements that composed the matter, whatever it was. Hesitating, he asked Leormn.

                                    — Are you trying one of your tricks on me? It’s like I’m hypnotized.

                                    He’s not trying to lure you in… said Jeckle.
                                    The vibration you are currently feeling is the resonance of your energy with the one filtering through that door. said Heckle. I suspect it comes from another realm…
                                    But it is close to this one, Jeckle added. His muzzle quivered with excitement. I feel a friendly energy filtering from the other side.

                                    The waves of curiosity emitted by his friends were compelling, and Leormn could feel it. He himself was very interested by what he could feel was some kind of counterpart of himself. He was familiar with the energy but it was somewhat different from his own.

                                    Our strong desire is maintaining the door open. We can go safely through it and return in no time… he suggested in a soft persuasive tone.

                                    Arona, who was feeling a bit forgotten, grunted and added a tad dubious :
                                    — I’m not sure we should do it. We should tell the others… Where are they by the way?

                                    Apparently, the dragons and the boy were more fascinated by what was leaking out of her drawing. She’d been a bit surprised that one of her creations… if one could call the few brushstrokes a creation… that it could produce such an odd reaction. She couldn’t help but notice that the two words were anagrams.

                                    Leormn looked at her with a renewed interest.

                                    I’m feeling you are connected to that other realm, dear Arona. We all are in a way, but it’s like your lineage came from that… gate. Would you dare find out about your origin?

                                    She looked at him dubiously. His gaze was so intense that one moment…

                                    — Are you serious? she asked.

                                    He grinned… Who knows… if you don’t go you may never find out ;)) and I’m sure the others can take care of themselves when we are gone.

                                    Saying that he jumped on the other side like he was acting on a whim.

                                    The twins looked at each other and followed him… and Irtak was next…
                                    What was she to do?
                                    It was almost as if the door was staring at her. Challenging her… and she didn’t really like to be alone in these dark corridors.
                                    She jumped in and felt completely stretched out for what seemed a few seconds. She almost lost sense of who she was when an image started to form in her mind.

                                    It expanded until she was surrounded by a warm sensation of well being and lightness. She was completely safe in this place.
                                    A sudden woosh and a sensation of cold. She fell on the floor, her members suddenly failing her. The light was completely different and she couldn’t hear anything. Panic began to overwhelm her and she realized she couldn’t emit any sound either.

                                    As suddenly as it was gone, her sense of hearing reappeared.

                                    Who was shouting like that?


                                    The directedness in the tone was enough to make her recover her balance. She stopped shouting and began to notice her other senses… nothing particular at first, but she had the weird impression that it was different. Looking around her, she saw that the dragons were sniffing around like puppies and Irtak was following them like one of them.

                                    — Where are we? she asked Leormn.
                                    The sound of her voice was lower-pitched than usual, and Leormn started to laugh at her look of dismay.

                                    Hahaha! I don’t know yet… but we have all the time to discover.

                                    — Can’t we come back to the cave now? I don’t feel comfortable here… look at the sand, it’s purple… maybe it’s some kind of bacteria or something, maybe it’s contagious…

                                    He gave her one of those irritating wink. She was about to retort bluntly when she realized there was no way back.
                                    The door had disappeared.


                                      Were are we Anu? , the mother asked her young daughter trotting in front of her. My, it’s awfully dark in there… Are you sure we’ll find the others here?
                                      — Yes Mum. Anu answered in a soft voice.
                                      — Don’t be so anxious, Lily dear; trust our little girl; after all, she did so bravely well on her own after that plane crash.
                                      — You’re right Aaron, but this place is so… I don’t know, it gives me the creeps. It’s like… I couldn’t tell why, but it’s like we’re not remotely close to the Miami… or even the Sarcastic Sea where we’re supposed to be stranded…
                                      — It’s because we’re not, muttered Anita, more to herself than to her mother. But we’ll be soon enough, she added.
                                      — Sometimes I wonder how can Anu know so well were we are when we’re so lost, her mother mumbled…

                                      Balbina was following the little group as it was heading to the cave where one of the portal’s entrances was located. She could see the entrance clearly, glowing and sending ripples of energy coils, but that was only because she was travelling in her dream-body. While Anita, who was quite tuned into those things, wasn’t appearing to be lost, the parents seemed more than a little in the dark, and not only figuratively speaking…

                                      Balbina turned to the rabbit who was keeping her company.
                                      — And do you know were they’re going to?
                                      And do you like the things that life is showing you? giggled Yuki. Well, more seriously, it depends on what they’re choosing. And it could lead them to a place much more different than the one they expect to go to.

                                      A funny idea crossed the mind of Balbina, so much so that the elderly lady, who was looking rather youngish in her dreamlike appearance couldn’t help but express it.

                                      — Could they come to my place? They seem so charming people, and they seem to come from the same time as I do…
                                      — I thought you would never ask, Yuki smiled at her mischievously.
                                      — Oh, why?
                                      — Don’t you think it’s a funny coincidence that you are to meet them here and now?
                                      — Well… It’s just a dream, isn’t it?
                                      — And what if you could make that dream reality? Prove to yourself that it’s as real as anything else…
                                      — That sounds exciting indeed.

                                      “Here!” Anita was pointing a strange shaped bush of brambles.

                                      Rafaela was standing next to the bushes with Armelle on a tree nearby. “I’ve thought it would be more practical for them than the rock pool”
                                      “Good thinking dear” Yuki answered the goat.

                                      — And now? Balbina asked
                                      — I think it’s up to you and Anita, said Yuki.

                                      “And where are we going from there?” asked Lily to her daughter.
                                      “Not far from here, to a friend’s home, in Venezuela .” answered Anita with a wink which seemed lost to her parents, but not to the beaming Balbina.


                                      In reply to: The Story So Far


                                        Tikfijikoo Island (continued)


                                        It starts with the Dr doing some evil tests on that remote island; he’s with the nurse Bellamy, whose forte is coconut tree frog-leaping, and Veranessesseesessesses with her impossible name (V’ass)
                                        We then learn the Dr is mad, and his researches are financed by an occult organization, who V’ass is working for, to check on their assets; he’s mad but brilliant.

                                        He’s a bit of a transvestite too (fullname Chris Bronklehampton)
                                        The organization has given him a machine in which there is a crystal skull, unknown to him. This crystal skull seems linked to spiders somehow and his researches on spiders genome (blue bonnet), but we only know it’s coveted by many people. It’s all happening in our dimension, roughly at our time.

                                        (Where Leo and Bea are renting Jose’s house and they are Dory’s and Dan timeframe ie: now)

                                        The first experiences give dreadful results; there is Sasha (mummified by the doctor) who’s dead, and now speaks with the Dr; and there is Claude, who gained super strength and madness, and escaped the island facility.
                                        Claude is one of those working with the Mad Baron ; he’s on a undercover mission to get the skull
                                        (The false Viscountess —lady in salmon— at the auction was also working for the baron)

                                        So Claude escapes but there is another mysterious person looking for the skull; it’s Madame Chesterhope, and she’s sent the magpies to steal it. The magpies are from another dimension, they are famous stealers.
                                        Claude encounters the magpies on their mission. He’s captured in an energy labyrinth they have set on the island temporarily, to cover their tracks.

                                        Meanwhile, Sha and Glo have arrived. Dory wanted to go but she couldn’t find the airline (bag lady)…
                                        And Mavis later explains in a comment (555) how they all got involved in that adventure. She takes some time to convince her husband, and get to go to Tikfijikoo too. During the flight correspondence, she gets to know Paquita and Joselito.

                                        On the island, the Dr is losing it seriously. He talks to the dead mummy, and had blond wig and stuff.
                                        V’ass is reacquainting herself with the Italian of her secret organization, to report on the Dr. (insert steamy sex scene :)) ) )

                                        Dory is back at Gib, with Dan and young Becky and later, her friends Yurick and Yann came to visit; go see Salitre :)
                                        She has knowledge of Leo and Bea (Fletcher) – at whose place there are skulls too.

                                        On the island, everything starts to get crazy; since Sha and Glo arrived
                                        The magpies are ready to strike as a cyclone is coming.
                                        Claude has recovered his memory and is no longer mad; but he’s still trapped and tries to find an escape in a strange tree. He goes into another dimension, the giant spiders’ one.
                                        In this dimension there are a few human survivors. There is young Anita, and her mummified parents, but still alive from a plane crash; and a stranded soldier from WWII, named “Akita”, who’s got a spirit dog with him he’d found on the spider island.
                                        They somehow managed to survive in the giant spider’s jungle (the island is on top of a sort of Bermuda triangle).

                                        Anita is in communication with our four essences, who can manifest easily in this spider dimension and our essences are aware of an dimensional gate opening (the cyclone).
                                        All this people get together and succeed in escaping through the wortex.

                                        So now, that explains the people around the campfire on Tikfijikoo. It was all relatively brief, during the storm, where the others were sheltered on the facility (thanks to V’ass who cared for the careless Sha and Glo)

                                        Sha and Glo find out the magpies trying to pry the computer open where the skull is hidden; they crush the magpies with coconuts bra slings (exit the magpies in purple blood ;)) )
                                        They find the strange crystal skull they mistakenly think is some apparatus like an UV lamp. They take it to the UV room and plug it; it starts to project all sorts of lights
                                        They want to dance, because it’s like a disco.

                                        Meanwhile, one giant spider has managed to sneak through the portal, and goes close to them, but she gets sidetracked by the lightened skull and gets shrunk to a small size… and gets crushed by Sha and Glo (they’re the heroines of the day, but they don’t know squat ;)) )

                                        There is also a honeycomb subplot with a man named Jarvis on the island, with beehives.

                                        Now: Sha and Glo are dancing, Mavis is going out attracted by the campfire, finding out the survivors (The campfire was there because it’s night, and Claude is wary of the island’s owners, because he was abducted and mummified). The Dr is mad as ever.
                                        The skull is in the UV room, but they don’t know what it is — only Madame Chesterhope and Claude are knowing (possibly Jarvis and V’ass); but Mme Chesterhope is flung into the ocean crashing into Mahiliki’s plane recently :))


                                          Images floated across the dark screen of Elizabeth’s closed eyes as she lay on the bed. She was aware of the trees rustling in the breeze outside her window, and the soft breathing of the miniature giraffes curled up by her feet. The afternoon heat was intense, heavy and soporific.

                                          An island, strewn with debris; fallen trees and unidentifiable mangled wreckage of a stainless steel tubuler kind; splotches of blue everywhere dried and cracked into oddly shaped human-like-alien forms, and the telltale battered paint can with the word Azure showing, unscathed.

                                          Darkness, damp smells, grey stones and spiders webs, slippery underfoot, bone coldness, and then a glimpse of lime green maidenhair ferns, a shaft of light and the sound of gurgling water….

                                          Water sounds becoming surging tides, roaring pushing sucking head spinning weighty and then silence and the tinkling of windchimes….

                                          A dog barks in the distance, waking the miniature giraffes. Big brown eyes atop slender necks gaze at Elizabeth as her eyes flutter open and then close again.

                                          Last orders gentlemen PLEASE! and a jostle of bodies in the smoke and laughter and babble of voices. A crush of humans across a long wooden barrier for large glass vessels full of foam topped amber liquids. A hush. Silence falls as a glass box perched high in a corner begins to speak. Elizabeth can see the head and shoulders and the serious face, she can see the lips moving, but the silence is total and she can’t hear the words being spoken. The Big Hush, she heard herself think.

                                          Hurdy Gurdy music and a merry go round…..grinning white horses up and down and round and round …..

                                          Elizabeth drifted off to sleep.


                                            Well, what a coincidence! exclaimed Becky. Becky was choosing her I Ching story comments, not altogether sure (not in the least sure, really) how it worked, but enjoying the opportunity to do a few random impulse searches. She had been reading the blog archives of Stilly from the early part of the century, all about cactus, beetles, and the investigation into the cochineal trade, when she suddenly remembered the Reality Play deadline. Anticipating buckling down to some serious writing, Becky was delighted to find the I Ching game, and made her first random choice.

                                            Well, what a coincidence! Becky repeated. It’s all about beetles!

                                            Becky made a note of the number: 638. :notepad:

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