Significant Random Quotes?

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      A few days after 9/9/9

      • “What a shame we didn’t get the 999th comment on the 9th of the 9th month”, Becky remarked to nobody in particular. “Still, never mind, at least I got the 1000th.” here


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        cool Eric – I noticed that one as well!:bounce:


          ROFL as seen today

          Yurick was wondering if this incursion into the meanders of the stories during business hours may take its toll on his remarkable efficiency… just when the story starts to be on a new roll…

          So far, efficiency is good.


            Found out by Tracy after I sent her that article about a lost book by Carl G. Jung

            Random daily group story quote:

            “What is that?” she asks. “It doesn’t come from The Book, does it?”
            “Well, our best team of psychic archaeologists just got it retrieved from purported old discarded bits in the Crypt.”
            “of…? You mean… apocryphal part of The Book? Are you serious?”
            “Quite possible, you see. Do you know what’s the ancient meaning behind that word ‘apocryphal’?”
            “You tell me.”
            “‘those having been hidden away’… But the intricacy of this reality makes it possible for us, in the future of The Book, to re-insert it directly into the past.”
            “So they’re no longer ‘apocryphal’…”
            “You could look them up actually, and perhaps you’ll find even the part where they’re speaking about us finding it even…”

            Oct 19th 2008



              Mention of myopic and fishnets in the story, the day before I went on the laser eye surgery; on the metro, sitting right in front of us, a lady (speaking in English), with red glasses, a green and red flower patterned dress, and lime fishnets…

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