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      (And her struggles with editorial and cleaning staff anarchy)

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        “I expect you’ve all been wondering where I was,” announced Liz as she swanned into the room with an air of serene satisfaction. (and then wondered if “she swanned into the salon, shivering with serene satisfaction” would be preferable.) (but would “should sound splendid” be better than “would be preferable”?)

        “What the dickens are you on about?” said Finnley in her usual abrupt fashion, and sporting her customary accompanying withering look.

        “She simply asks if we wondered where she was, Finnley,” Godfrey remarked mildly, who had not been reading Liz’s mind, and therefore had no idea why the dickens Finnley had said what she said.

        Neither had Roberto been reading Liz’s mind (he was far too polite) and would not have known what a dickens was anyway, hailing as he did from foreign parts.  Fortunately he had the presence of mind, and the inate courtesy to respond to a plain request to answer a relatively simple question. “Where have you been? We’ve been worried about you!” he duly uttered.

        Liz beamed at the handsome gardener, or more accurately, the boatman.  After the gardens flooded and the road cut off, the obliging adaptable fellow made a couple of rafts and canoes for transport, and morning “walks”and started some edible algae water gardens.


          Finnley’s been down the cellar for over two months,” Liz said to Godfrey who was still wearing a toga.  “I confess I  hadn’t even noticed, but now that I have, I feel I should investigate her whereabouts and well being, as it were.”

          “All you have to do is write her back in, Liz.

          Liz thought it was high time Finnley wrote herself back in, but was prepared to be flexible, as usual.

        Viewing 2 replies - 481 through 482 (of 482 total)
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