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      yes, lots of triple numbers. I thought of you before Tracy, a bit later I checked the time on my phone, it was 5:55pm

      picked up my book to read just now, first line was:

      Terry closed his eyes and smiled serenely. “Do you know what he charges for one dose? Three hundred and thirty three dollars. He says it is his magic number”

      (they are talking about a dose of a new drug which allows people to have the experience of travelling to different realms)

      F:heart: (do you like my new signature ? I thought I could sign all my comments like this, Tracy came online just as I wrote that ahahahaha I bet she thinks it is :yahoo_sick: )


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      The SnootThe Snoot

        Dear Balls

        The Snoot is giving you this link to a balancing material of this earth .
        Thou canst use it to cleanse thy inner being as it is well atuned to the vibration of the freeflow of your inner organs.
        Thou canst also apply it on your face and appreciate the softness of thy being, though thou wilst never have as soft a skin as the liquid fur of the Snoot ;;)

        The Grreeen Sn :yahoo_sick: :yahoo_sick: t


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          Dear Snoot,

          Something else just happened on the same dog bed: Henry was sick on it. Is it because I haven’t been allowing my cleaning aspect enough?

          And not only that, Snoot, it’s a Sick Sync: I woke up this morning with stomach pains and diarrhoea! Is it a release of the grey energy blockage?

          Weak and Bafffled in West Barfland :yahoo_sick:


            It’s a magic carpet! A Lucky bed of roses surrounded by love….sheesh I must be delirious…..:yahoo_sick:


            In reply to: Synchronicity


              Tracy is making the most of not being able to post and asked me to post some synchs for her:

              Tracy: thanks for posting the comments!
              Francie: okay, i will do that other one
              Francie: you love it eh?
              Francie: it appeals your head counterpart side
              Tracy: lobe what?
              Francie: making me post for you
              Tracy: hahahaha yeah its like having staff


              Francie: i took george to vet today for check up
              Tracy: hows he doing?
              Francie: well while we were all discussing vaccinations, he nosed open the door and went careering around the vets
              Tracy: hahahaha
              Francie: down to visit all the sick dogs. Like a crazy thing
              Tracy: oh how funny. Oh I bet they all loved it
              Francie: oh yes hilarious
              Tracy: I kept thinking today that any distraction, was taking Bills mind off the pain
              Francie: yeah
              Tracy: and so was George!
              Francie: ahahahahha
              Tracy: ahhaah I synced with george!
              Francie: hahahah!
              Francie: yes
              Tracy: would you write that in syncs under my name please
              Francie: okay


              Francie: what does a jewel on the forehead signify?
              Tracy: A flock of coots is known in the US as a cover
              Tracy: um, not sure, like an Indian thing?
              Tracy: why?
              Francie: some of my frogs had jewels on their foreheads, and then i watched a movie with jewels on foreheads
              Tracy: is it a Sikh thing? Or is it the chakra
              Francie: don’t know
              Tracy: which chakra is that or is it the third eye… What colour jewels?
              Francie: tarotteachings blogspot
              Tracy: ralphmag
              Francie: there is another 8 synch in that tarot one
              Francie: oh wow, a magazine synch Tracy
              Tracy: she understands, with a profound and inherent wisdom, that the universe is a magical and abundant place.
              Tracy: thats cool huh… What?
              Francie: the link you gave me: read the last paragraph
              Tracy: I was thinking about the magazine yesterday… WOW F, the last paragraph!
              Francie: yes!
              Tracy: would you post it on syncs for me?
              Francie: yes
              Tracy: please
              Tracy: I missed that bit, I just noticed the ittiel
              Tracy: tille
              Tracy: title


              In reply to: Scrying the Word Cloud


                loved strong :heart:dear dimension :face-devil-grin:
                town eyes :yahoo_skull:
                weird images :mummy:
                cave surface :magnify:
                writing focuses :notepad:
                swing dear:bounce:
                often speaking:yahoo_not_listening:
                night dream bugger :yahoo_devil:
                strange writing :news:
                rather taken :yahoo_heehee:
                friend matter :yahoo_big_hug:
                change :yahoo_doh:
                love woke :yahoo_sick:


                  Tina wrapped a long knitted scarf around her neck and shivered. Becky Pooh, I think I am getting sick like you.

                  Oh for fucks sake Tina, you can’t get sick! You are a saint!

                  You be the saint, Becky. You would be a much better saint than me. I will ask Sam, I am sure he will make you a saint

                  Becky spluttered into the phone, You are sick aren’t you Tina!


                  Becky is so much fun, isn’t she! Al called out brightly from the bathroom. The first time I met her, I thought “what a fun girl she is!”

                  Oh yes, she is, responded Tina weakly.

                  Tina reflected on her first meeting with Becky. The first time I met her I called her by the wrong name. She was very good about it. She said people were always calling her by the wrong name.


                  In reply to: Scrying the Word Cloud


                    Air Boy kept children skin, somehow….. :yahoo_sick:


                      Sam kissed Tina… a French kiss as usual. She had always love his way of kissing and as with the shift this kind mark of affection wasn’t much considered as belonging to bonded couples, Sam who loved kissing was really having a lot of fun.

                      He didn’t do that with everybody though, it had to come harmoniously, and with Tina it was always sparklingly funnily attractive.

                      She told him she loved the little pooh on his neck, and as he was explaining her it was a just burnt phoenix, the bird just rebirthed himself again in an atomic blow… the effects on Sam’s skin was a bit weird, flowing shadows and shades of greys and greens making him appear like a :yahoo_sick: for a few seconds.

                      Sean arrived in a bang at that moment, and Sam kissed him on the forehead… no mischievous kiss with him, his energy was directed subtly to another member of the T’mmm. :yahoo_heehee:

                      Adding his own playful energy to this Fairy Nuffy event, he went to talk with Tina and Al about Tina’s new nails cut.


                        Arona was surprised that Sanso wanted the baby and she was not sure what to do. She felt the baby had been entrusted to her, and felt quite caring towards it. Sanso grabbed it from her, and she could see that he really wanted it.

                        She would need to feel her way through this. Yikesy started crying.

                        Mandrake looked at her and rolled his eyes. Do you want the baby or not, Arona? he asked her

                        Suddenly she felt clear. Yes I do she said, smiling. And she thanked Sanso graciously, for his kind offer, and he willingly handed Yikesy back to her, realising that having a baby was probably not suited to his lifestyle.

                        In fact Sanso was relieved. The cute little blue eyes had started looking quite rat like when Yikesy started crying.

                        So it was all perfect.

                        In fact it was all hunky dory.:yahoo_sick:

                        and off they went.


                          Tina had a wonderful night of dreams. In fact it was the first time in ages that her dreams had been happy. Usually in her dreams she did not feel any emotion much.

                          The phone rang. It was Becky, although for a moment she thought it was her friend Docky, their voices sounded so similar.

                          I am fine she told Becky, I am so sorry to hear Sam is sick, give him my love when you see him

                          Tina chuckled to herself, remembering how last time she was sick Becky had bought over this big pot of nettle soup for her…

                          Really though, she was so grateful for her friends. Al seemed a bit worried about her at the moment, but then he was such a worry wort, she thought fondly.


                            Sam had a diarrhea… surely something he had eaten this morning he thought.


                              A few days after Sam and Becky’s conversation on the phone, they were having a rehearsal.

                              Just at the moment when they felt stuck again, despite Sam’s moves, Al and Tina, a couple of friends came crashing into the small theater room, and were greeted by an icy cold silence. “Icy” is an exaggeration of course, said Tina, “it just meant I had to put a jacket on again today”.

                              Sorry for being late! said Al a bit uneasy.
                              — Oh you and your uneasiness! said Tina. And I’m sure we’re arriving at the perfect time.
                              — Oh, well, I’m not sure of anything today, said Becky. I’m sick of being force-fed coleslaw, and rigging down holes for myself.

                              A silence was on the scene.


                              At the same time, somewhere on the deck of his ship, Bådul was remembered of the landscapes of his land. He had not really appreciated them before, but now, he was finding them dear to him. They were for the most part a mixture of sandy dunes, from which at times peaks of icy rocky mountains would stick out. Lately he had felt like one of these peaks sticking out of the sands. The sands were shifting.


                              Somewhere in Malvina’s cave.

                              Malvina had been polishing the last dry eggs that she had found and that would not hatch. One of them had some interesting perfect round shape, and a very transparent shell, and it gave her an idea.

                              She asked Leörmn to come.


                              Quintin’s bedroom.

                              [1:01] The clock was saying. Quintin had just awoken from a dream about an elderly woman who was showing him some drawings. These were not actually drawings, but in fact, they were called by the lady “glassart”. It was made, she said, of coloured sands, and would be vitrified by some flame. Quintin in that dream had thought the designs rather crude, but had found the idea interesting, and with great potential.


                              Leörmn came almost instantly, appearing in a puff of teal smoke.

                              Oh, I see… he said, reading Malvina’s mind. And I think I have the perfect sands to go with it.


                              — Why hasn’t that pirate, Badass…
                              Badul, corected Al
                              — Whatever, Becky pursued imperturbably, that pirate Baddock used traveling portals to go and look for the eggs? Why the seas? Sounds a bit complicated and with lots of dangers too.
                              — Good question, answered Al. Well, don’t want to answer for everyone, but in my perception…
                              — Oh, get lost with your “in my perception” thing, that’s becoming tiring… sighed Tina
                              — OK. So, for me, they have forgotten much about magic in his land.
                              — Makes sense… added Sam dreamily… In fact, I’m not sure after all that Badul is only after gold. I think he has found some old desert dragon egg in a cave lost in his country and hopes to revive it, with the help of the people who still know about magic.
                              — Which would explain the quest… said Al
                              — Yeah, and he would have hidden that to the rest of the crew, probably… said Tina


                              Leörmn had now finished assembling the magical artifact.

                              — That’s one of our most beautiful magical artifact I’d say, Malvina gleamed
                              — Oh yes it is. And how would you call it?
                              — Let’s see…


                              sabulmantium !

                              Everyone cracked up at the word that Al had just blurted out. They had decided to have some distraction to alleviate the stress on the play, and they had a fun improvisation game, saying stupid things that went through their minds.

                              — Hey! Don’t laugh like that, it’s something very serious actually, said Al tongue-in-cheek. Let me see…
                              — Hahahaha, the others continued
                              — Well, it’s a divination device, or a sort of compass in a way. I see it as a globe made of glass, with coloured sands in it, and when you focus on it, the sands take all sorts of three dimensional shapes, and become alive…
                              — Wow! Tina couldn’t help but say.


                              Leörmn, as Malvina had been telling him (or vice versa), had put the sabulmantium in one of the tunnels, to a place where he knew Arona would find it, and probably put it to good use for her future adventures.


                                Lots of things were moving around, Quintin felt. It was nothing he could have explained in words of the physical world, but he was aware of some deep movement, something like a new beginning.

                                Lots of others had been moving too, in their own ways, sometimes not quite comfortably, but it was calmer now, like after a tempest, clear limpid sky, and splinters of wooden ships floating gently on the oily surface of the sea.

                                Dory had been very sick in Madagascar she’d told him, perhaps after having eaten some food, she could not have told why. But now was better… It had seemed a good night of sleep was good enough a medicine for her.

                                He had dreamed of Fiona too, some shared past lives in the 1860s in a small town in the US, it had been very vivid, and he had felt a great lovingness between them… Somehow they could find each other again, anytime, he knew that.

                                As for Yann, after that week-end they had spent together, all was clear too between them, they could create the fun they wanted without needing to make it difficult for them, it was only a matter of being accepting of their own choices and impulses, which was at times easier said than done.

                                It had been an interesting exchange between them all, and it was still continuing. Perhaps it was a gift from Malika, her gentle presence, which was very much like Malvina’s in her cave…

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